A 'major' Hitman 3 update is on the way, plus a year of new maps and modes
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A ‘principal’ Hitman 3 update is at the way, plus a year of latest maps and modes

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IO Interactive’s global of Assassination trilogy—that is the 2016 Hitman reboot and more and more fantastic sequels—has now rung up more than 50 million total gamers, and extra is on the way: The studio announced these days every other 12 months of updates and new modes and maps is coming to Hitman 3.

Ray tracing aid and VR are both coming to the pc version of Hitman 3 (it presently supports PSVR), as is a brand new mode called Elusive goal Arcade. Elusive goals are precise, high-value assassination goals who appear in the sport for a restricted time and disappear if they’re no longer efficaciously murdered. They’re also a lot greater difficult to take down than traditional targets, however efficaciously doing so unlocks new suits for Agent 47 to wear—a crucial a part of every a success hitman’s arsenal. IO Interactive did not explain how the brand new mode will work, however said info may be found out in January 2022.

past that, the studio is likewise working on new maps, modes, storylines, and “new methods of playing,” IO Interactive CEO Hakan Abrak said. “On top of that, we’ve got some surprises that our network had been requesting for a very, very long time.”

all the above, together with a “most important update” to Hitman three, is about to happen in 2022. Information could be shared “very quickly,” and in the period in-between here’s a observe a couple of locations wherein you will probably visit kill someone.

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