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Among Us Known Issues And Bug List Revealed For Airship Update

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The big Airship update for Among Us is out now, and the patch has led to some further issues with the game. Developer Innersloth has outlined these known issues and revealed what you can do as a workaround for them until proper fixes are deployed.

On Android/Google, some Among Us players are reporting “GoogleAuthNoToken” and “LinkAccountFail” errors. Innersloth is aware of this and is looking into a fix. In the meantime, players are advised to use a guest account. This locks them to Quick Chat, but the studio is hopeful that a true fix will come soon.

Some Among Us users are also experiencing an infinite loading screen. To get around this, Innersloth said players can restart the game and it should fix the issue. The studio is aware that some people still get the issue after restarting, and it’s looking into a fix.

Another issue people are experiencing is an error message that says, “The Among Us servers could not authenticate you.” To overcome this, players should create an Among Us account or log in as a guest and then restart the game. This could take “a while,” the studio said, due in part to “server overload.”

For players experiencing issues signing into their accounts, Innersloth said they should double check to make sure you’re not trying to log into multiple accounts (Steam, Google Play, Epic, etc). “Right now the game only supports connecting one account to the game. This also could happen if you are logged into the same account on multiple devices,” Innersloth said.

In terms of known bugs, Innersloth is aware of issues regarding broken sprites, problems with Quick Chat, and getting stuck in place. You can see a rundown of these issues below, some of which have workarounds.

The Airship is a free addition to Among Us, with the game supporting cross-play across PC and mobile, and you also get cross-play on the Nintendo Switch version released just last year. Among Us is console to Xbox later this year, but a release date hasn’t been announced.

Among Us Known Bugs

  • If you get stuck in place after a meeting, open and close the Settings menu and you should be free to move again.
  • If you are above the minimum age of consent within your country (mostly 13+) and are still locked into Quick Chat (and are logged in, not on an Android device) make sure you change to Free + Quick Chat in the game Settings.
  • Certain players are seeing broken player sprites as pink rectangular shapes. This a very specific hardware issue, finding fixes now.
  • Your randomized name will keep changing unless you open Account window > tap ‘randomize name’. Then the name you pick sticks
  • The Airship cosmetic bundle availability is currently bugged – the RHM hat is not available for those who have purchased the bundle. Fixed on version 2021.3.31.3, but Steam is still on version 2021.3.31.2.

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