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Android 10 is coming to the six-12 months-antique Fairphone 2

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Sustainable smartphone producer Fairphone has released an Android 10 update for the six-year-vintage Fairphone 2, a device that at first launched with Android 5 in 2015. The update is in beta at the moment, however the organization says it hopes to launch a stable version early subsequent year. Alongside it, the organization also plans to begin beta testing an Android 11 update for the 2019 Fairphone 3 and 2020 Fairphone three Plus.

although getting an Android update years after its authentic release wouldn’t generally be cause for birthday celebration, it’s essentially remarkable for an Android producer to still be updating a handset six years after its unique release. Handiest Apple comes near those forms of help intervals and recently released its modern day iOS 15 replace for the 2015 iPhone 6S.

in the meantime, Samsung gives 4 years of protection updates and three generational Android updates for its recent telephones. Google has promised to provide protection updates for its present day Pixel 6 gadgets for five years and Android model updates for three years.

offering updates for this duration of time isn’t easy, as Fairphone explained in a blog submit while it launched its public beta of Android nine walking on the Fairphone 2. One in all the bigger demanding situations is that the chipset producer Fairphone makes use of, Qualcomm, best offers assist for its processors for a positive number of years. As of closing December, Qualcomm supports its chips for three major OS updates and 4 years of protection updates. However, once this assist ends, producers like Fairphone are on their personal in the event that they want to continue maintaining their telephones up to date.

For the Fairphone 2’s Android 10 replace, the corporation says it collaborated with its network to hurry up the replace method. Together with help from Indian software program developer Bharath Ravi Prakash, Fairphone says the Fairphone 2’s Android 10 update took just 10 months to broaden, compared to 18 months for Android nine.

these days’s news might be welcome for everyone nevertheless the use of a Fairphone 2 who desires to gain from Android 10 functions like gesture navigation and support for an OS-stage darkish mode. However it’s also reassuring for every person considering selecting up its latest cellphone, the Fairphone 4, which the organisation hopes to keep supported for 6 years till 2027.

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