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Apex Legends PS5 Edition Spotted On PSN Database
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Apex Legends PS5 Edition Spotted On PSN Database

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An upgraded version of Apex Legends is coming soon as a patch tracking website. PlayStation Game Size Has seen the PS5 version of the popular Battle Royale on the PSN database.

Measuring up to 80GB reported without any updates, this will give the game a significant upgrade over its current version. PlayStation and Xbox owners are still playing backwards synced versions of the game on the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. The PS5 Edition’s biggest new-gen upgrade is the performance enhancement, which increases the resolution to 1440p.

Playing now: Apex Legends: Trailer for the Dark Depths event

Back in 2020, publisher EA told fans that further improvements were being made to the game and that plans were being made for 2021, although they had apparently been delayed since then.

In February 2021, Steven Ferreira, director of the Respo Vancouver team, stated that the 120 fps frame rate was an aspect of the game the studio was working on, while Ryan Regney, former director of Respo communications, reassured fans in August 2021. He reminded that progress is yet to come. Ongoing

In other Apex Legends news, a new update has fixed the legendary skin of Bangalore, some original designs for the characters in the game are fueled by pure nightmares, and a new Dark Depths event has begun. For more information on this mode, you can check out our guide on the map of the brand new arena.

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