Apex Legends Season 9 Character Possibly Teased In New Trailer
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Apex Legends Season 9 Character Possibly Teased In New Trailer

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Respawn may have just teased the next playable character for Apex Legends, which will be coming to the battle royale in Season 9. In the new trailer celebrating Apex Legends surpassing 100 million players, you can see the shadowy outline of an unfamiliar form.

The tease begins at 0:43 in the trailer, when Mirage says “Ooh, someone got the party started.” In this moment, he’s looking up at a figure cast in shadow, who leaps from a tower and then…starts to glide upwards.

No character in Apex Legends currently possesses that level of ability to control themselves in midair–the closest is Horizon, whose passive ability allows her to use jump jets to better maneuver herself as she’s falling. But as seen in this trailer, the character in shadow isn’t falling. Instead, they’re rising upwards.

We don’t know too much about Apex Legends Season 9’s new character though game director Chad Grenier has said that Titanfall fans will like what they see in Season 9. Some folks have theorized that the new legend will be Valk, a datamined legend who has a jetpack-looking device made from what appears to be discarded Pilot armor and Titan parts.

In the trailer, we also see a brand-new area on what looks like Kings Canyon. It’s hard to tell–the area flashes for a brief moment (like half a second) immediately after the appearance of the shadow. It technically could be an entirely new map, but that seems unlikely given that Respawn has currently only added new maps during the final seasons of each year (Season 3 in Year 1 and Season 7 in Year 2), so it’s a bit too soon to be teasing a new location.

Regardless, something is on its way to Apex Legends. The trailer ends with a tease that a new announcement will debut on April 19–that’s about midway through the current limited-time War Games event and just prior to the end of Season 8 and start of Season 9.

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