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Apple’s MacBook event: what to expect from “Unleashed”

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Apple has announced an event for October 18th, with a video containing the identify “Unleashed.” if you’ve been watching the rumor mill, it won’t come as a marvel — the enterprise nevertheless has lots of products which are predicted to pop out this yr however haven’t proven up in an Apple keynote.

chief amongst the ones are new, greater powerful MacBook professionals, in an effort to follow the first rate Apple Silicon-powered thirteen-inch MacBook seasoned that launched remaining November. The agency is likewise anticipated to launch new AirPods, and it’s got an entire OS that become announced but hasn’t shipped. Study on for a deep dive into the rumors surrounding these products and greater.

Redesigned MacBook execs

maximum of the rumors approximately the event problem redesigned MacBook pros, which are predicted to function 14- and 16-inch monitors, in conjunction with a new Apple processor. Mark Gurman and Ming-Chi Kuo (who’ve pretty strong tune facts in terms of rumors) have each stated that the laptops will characteristic iPhone 12-esque flat sides with a redesigned MagSafe charging port and that they’ll now not have the touch Bar that’s been a staple of many MacBook professionals due to the fact 2016.

Apple is also rumored to be bringing ports again to its laptops with the redesign. The brand new MacBooks execs may additionally include an SD card reader and HDMI and MagSafe ports, a good way to be acquainted (and in all likelihood beloved) via folks who pass over the times whilst MacBooks had multiple kind of port.

Mark Gurman reports that the laptops could be powered with the aid of new chips, which can be predicted to be more effective editions of the M1 processor located in these days’s computer systems. The “M1X” (or M2, or some thing call Apple absolutely goes with) is predicted to have greater high-overall performance cores than its predecessor (8 in place of four) or even provide a preference of sixteen or 32 photographs cores (in comparison to the M1’s seven or eight). What’s nevertheless unclear is whether the new processor will do away with any of the seeming barriers of the M1: none of the Apple Silicon Macs are configurable with extra than 16GB of RAM or 2TB of storage, they could’t run more than presentations, and none of them have extra than two Thunderbolt ports (the iMac has at maximum Thunderbolt ports and two USB-C ports). Traditionally, the better-give up MacBook execs have four Thunderbolt ports, although the inclusion of MagSafe and HDMI may additionally make that less necessary.

The configuration display for an Intel-based totally MacBook pro. Simply having alternatives for pics cores might be a good deal less complicated to explain to new buyers than turbo Boosts and base clocks.

if you’re questioning, “Wow, those new computer systems sound like everything I ever could’ve wanted,” you’re now not by myself — a lot of human beings are hyped about the rumors (although it’s really worth retaining in mind that the ones don’t always pan out). If it turns out that Apple has taken all of the network’s feedback to heart, the chip scarcity may want to make those laptops hot-price tag objects for pretty some time.

A pro Mac Mini

Gurman additionally these days stated that a extra powerful Mac mini would be coming soon, presenting the equal processor determined inside the updated MacBook pros and greater ports than are currently to be had at the M1-powered Mini. It’s an exciting rumor because the M1 Mini has one of the widest port choices to be had on an M1 Mac with USB-A, HDMI, two Thunderbolt ports, and optional 10-gigabit ethernet. But the 2018 Intel-based model, which a lot of humans think of as the Mac Mini seasoned (in element because of its space grey shade), has all of that plus extra Thunderbolt ports. For the ones seeking out a powerful Apple-powered laptop, a replacement for the 2018 Mac Mini may be a amazing choice, given the dearth of rumors approximately a 27-inch iMac.

Apple remains promoting the Intel-powered 2018 Mac Mini.

New AirPods

Gurman, Kuo, and Nikkei have all said that Apple is running on a observe-up to its everyday, non-seasoned AirPods and feature said that the headphones will feature the shorter stems determined on their greater luxurious opposite numbers. It seems like AirPods would’ve in shape in better at Apple’s iPhone occasion, however given that they were absent, we may become seeing them at the 18th. There may be also continually the (hilarious) opportunity that Apple simply declares them through press launch adore it did the AirPods pro and Max, but with how popular the original ones had been, it looks like their successors have to get a few event time.

Apple introduced macOS Monterey in June.
image: Apple

A macOS Monterey launch date

Apple has released iOS and iPadOS 15, however macOS Monterey, which changed into announced along them, remains in beta. It would be a piece extraordinary if Apple launched new Macs that were going for walks macOS massive Sur out of the field, specially given that Monterey become announced approximately 3 months in the past at WWDC. If Apple doesn’t announce that the new edition of macOS is transport with the redesigned MacBook pros, I’ll be quite amazed.

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