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Apple’s new 140W charger can speedy price a lot more than simply your MacBook seasoned

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Apple’s new 140W charging brick, which goes with a brand new MagSafe charging cable to power the brand new 16-inch MacBook pro, makes use of the USB-C power delivery 3.1 standard, Apple has confirmed to The Verge. As well as being covered with the brand new 16-inch MacBook seasoned, the brick is available one by one for $ninety nine (now not along with the USB-C-to-MagSafe cable, which costs a further $49). Meanwhile, the brand new 14-inch MacBook execs come with 67W and 96W chargers, relying on the exact version.

the use of the USB-C PD three.1 popular means Apple’s new charging brick might be pass well suited with other devices that use the identical strength delivery popular, which changed into introduced earlier this 12 months along the USB type-C launch 2.1 specification. It also means that MacBook proprietors have the flexibility of the use of well suited 1/3-birthday party charging bricks with the brand new MacBooks.

The 140W charger has a single USB-C port.
photo: Apple

That hasn’t been the case with a few USB-C pc rapid chargers in the beyond, which have had to go off-spec to offer charging speeds over 100W (the preceding cap at the USB-C energy shipping spec). My colleague Sean Hollister, for example, has a Dell dock that outputs 130W, however it won’t paintings with different laptops because there formerly wasn’t an open preferred to aid it.

as well as its use of the USB-C PD 3.1 trendy, Apple also showed that the brick is its first gallium nitride (GaN) charger, which means that it’s using the fabric that permits businesses to build better-powered chargers which can be smaller in size than their conventional counterparts.

as well as the specs of the charging brick, Apple also confirmed that any of the new MacBooks’ Thunderbolt 4 ports may be used to rate the laptops. On the 14-inch MacBook pro, those ports can be used for fast charging; however speedy charging the 16-inch MacBook seasoned requires using MagSafe 3 and the 140W adapter due to the fact the Thunderbolt 4 predates the USB-C PD three.1 wellknown and tops out at 100W. Lower wattage chargers might be capable of provide power to the MacBooks, but Apple says charging may be slower or could even result in power drain if the pc is using more power than it’s being supplied.

moreover, Apple says that the magnets used within the MagSafe 3 connector are stronger than the previous generation.

All in all, it’s amazing information for all and sundry planning on buying one among Apple’s new MacBooks; they’ll get a capable rapid charger that can electricity different devices and also aren’t limited to the usage of Apple’s very own brick to charge their laptops.

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