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Battlefield 2042 Has “hundreds of thousands” Of players, Is acting better Than Battlefield 5

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Battlefield 2042 has reached “millions” of gamers already, and the sport is pacing ahead of Battlefield V at a similar point in its lifetime, developer dice has announced.

In a blog post saying forthcoming adjustments to the military FPS, dice said, “it is just a few days past our global launch, and there are already tens of millions of you playing Battlefield 2042.”

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The studio delivered that Battlefield 2042 has reached “almost two times” as many players at this factor compared to 2018’s Battlefield V. “So first, thank you to all of you–how you are gambling and what you’re growing in the game is extremely good and beyond our expectancies.”

For assessment, Battlefield V bought about 7.3 million copies over its first two months. that is a colossal result, but it become under EA’s own expectancies for the sport. Battlefield 2042 achieving more gamers at this point in its lifecycle in comparison to Battlefield V suggests income might be higher, but EA has not introduced any particular figures as of but.

The “tens of millions” discern that EA disclosed surely counts people who played the 10-hour trial on EA Play/sport skip remaining, further to individuals who sold the sport outright.

at the same time as Battlefield 2042 is being embraced by using tens of millions, the sport hasn’t been without its troubles. Dice recently mentioned the numerous modifications it plans to make to Battlefield 2042 to help enhance the revel in. Release is just the beginning, as cube stated it plans to support Battlefield 2042 for “years yet to come.”

For greater, take a look at out GameSpot’s Battlefield 2042 overview.

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