Battlefield 2042 updates will reduce bullet spread, nerf vehicles, and fix bugs before the end of 2021, says DICE
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Battlefield 2042 updates will reduce bullet spread, nerf vehicles, and attach bugs before the quit of 2021, says dice

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one of the leader complaints approximately Battlefield 2042 to this point has been the bullet unfold of attack rifles, which kind of suck at range due to their erratic firing. I appreciated that assault rifles weren’t the dominant gun kind in BF2042, but I knew at the moment could come: In Battlefield 2042’s 2nd patch, releasing this Thursday, assault rifles and different weapons may be made extra correct, and a larger patch in December will make even greater gun balance tweaks. Cube is also thinking about participant proceedings about the redesigned scoreboard, even though it’s holding off on saying specifics about its plan for “legacy functions.”

In its large blog put up today, the developer did reveal a number of precise fixes and adjustments coming in the next patches, however, and bullet deviation is a small part of what is changing. Beginning with that difficulty, though, Thursday’s replace #2 will reduce all bullet unfold at the same time as aiming down sights and shifting, and reduce desk bound commercials unfold for “many guns.” Bursts and single pictures will also emerge as extra accurate, and the dominant PP-29 submachine gun will get greater vertical recoil to make it much less of a beast.

Thursday’s patch may also nerf the LCAA Hovercraft and MD540 Nightbird helicopter. I can’t deny that the hovercraft is overpowered, but I certain will pass over the coolest times we’ve got had with it to this point. You have got till Thursday to say good-bye to its nearly bulletproof rubber.

the opposite standout alternate coming this week is a restore for the bug that stops revives whilst a person is going down near an item. That ought to please each person, in view that it is disturbing as hell.

December’s replace #three could be tons bigger, with fixes and adjustments that contact every a part of the sport, along with a few greater gunplay-related tweaks. Cube says that an aiming inconsistency associated with mouse sensitivity can be constant through the patch, and we’re going to see a nerf to the NTW-50 sniper rifle’s anti-armor competencies and a fix for a bullet unfold worm in Portal. The studio also acknowledged that purpose help on consoles is “no longer consistently behaving” in keeping with the meant layout, so it truly is being investigated, despite the fact that no unique fix has been introduced yet. 

that is just a small portion of replace #3, which dice says will consist of “over 150 individual fixes” to maps and will touch motors, guns, specialists, gadgets, threat zone, Portal, pc performance, and the UI. Right here are a few highlights:

  • added a UI list that suggests nearby players which could revive you within 50m while downed
  • added a UI listing that shows incoming revivers whilst downed and pinged by way of a participant that intends to restore you
  • while low on ammo or health, nearby pleasant gamers inside 50m will now show a resource icon above their head indicating that they can offer you with fitness or ammo
  • New respectable automobile team Deathmatch template (Portal)
  • New reputable contamination template (Portal)
  • policies Editor—delivered the ability to come across what players had been killed with so one can follow additional logic (Portal)
  • improvements to artifacts affecting DLSS implementation

cube also acknowledged that a few computer players are struggling to get the framerates they anticipate and are reporting a CPU bottleneck, although it would not have a solution to announce proper now.

“identifying engine degree optimisations and growing solutions will require a lengthier reaction time from us so that it receives achieved proper,” stated the developer. “brief term, we’ll be doing all we will to help offer overall performance improvements that lessen the load, and up your framerates where feasible. We’ll keep you updated on our paintings through our Battlefield channels.”

regarding lawsuits about the brand new scoreboard, which now not compares the point totals of each player in a server, cube says it’s got plenty to mention on the topic, however that it’s ready until it is able to show us some thing it is running on.

“quit-of-match Scoreboard, Server Browser, and functions like Voice Chat are huge topics for us to cowl unexpectedly, and we’ve plenty we need to mention round them,” wrote dice. “We’ll come again to you while we have things that we are able to display to you, together with details about our long-time period imaginative and prescient for sure capabilities and functions.”

dice previously said that voice chat might be delivered after release, however setting it aside with those different “lengthy-term vision” subjects, the unique modifications coming before the cease of 2022 address a few of the complaints circulating among Battlefield fanatics who are disappointed by using the new game. The patches may not solve essential disagreements over what Battlefield games should be, although. Cube isn’t always converting its thoughts approximately changing the old class system with expert characters, for example. I’m curious to discover whether the players who contributed to Battlefield 2042’s thousands of negative Steam opinions may be received over, or if the disconnect is just too super. In my opinion, i am taking part in the way Battlefield 2042 refocuses the series on scale, however it is been an exceptionally contentious decision.

in the weblog post pronouncing the patches, cube includes a protracted but incomplete list of the changes coming in Patch #2 this Thursday and Patch #3 sometime in December—there is a lot greater than i’ve protected here. The developer also found out that there may be another replace which it’s “looking to installation in advance of the vacations,” but didn’t say some thing greater approximately it. 

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