Battlefield 2042’s Rush Mode Removed But It’s Still Playable In Another Form
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Battlefield 2042’s Rush Mode Removed But It’s Still Playable In Another Form

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Battlefield 2042 is no longer a favorite mode of fans, as DICE has removed the mode from the featured playlist in Fuji Shooter’s portal mode.

DICE had always said that Rush would only be in the game temporarily, and the studio had extended his term before ending it. Some in the audience are angry at Rush’s removal and hope he will return. However, Rush is an important part of the Battlefield series and is very popular. But so far, DICE has not said when or when it will return to the battlefield in 2042.

The rush is not over, however, because in the mode portal Bed Company 2 Rush is exclusively available for the game, community manager Kevin Johnson reminded fans.

Andy McNamara, EA’s director of communications, recently tweeted about Battlefield 2042’s response during the holidays, urging fans to understand that the team needs a break. Since then, tweets have been deleted, but not before being captured and shared online. “I love you guys but these expectations are cruel. It takes time to design, implement and implement what you want,” he said.

McNamara apologized for earlier tweets and said his message was “not clear.”

Battlefield 2042 is a live service game that DICE plans to grow and develop over time with content updates and bug fixes, among other things. “We are committed to improving and developing the core gameplay of 2042,” the company said.

GameSpot’s Battlefield 2042 review scored the game 7/10. “What’s really impressive about Battlefield 2042 is the variety on offer. It lets you play a bunch of different FPS experiences – in different game modes, in different portal role sets, and even In the same match when you switch between characters, “said reviewer Phil Hornshaw.

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