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Becca’s ‘buds’ beat out other words

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After working on a piece of data and analyzing everything The edge ever wrote, I thought it might be fun to watch another one roadside data to see what I could find.

Becca Farsace is one of the best sports we have here on our team, and she also has some of the most distinctive speech patterns — and slogans — so I asked her to let me dive into the data of her words.

Her Slack response: “Wowee…I’m terrified, but go for it!”

We all tend to use the same vocabulary and expressions from day to day – it’s part of what makes us who we are, of course. So I pulled the transcripts of every video Becca has hosted on our YouTube channel (over 30!) to get a sense of her speech patterns. A few videos had no transcripts, and I didn’t include videos where she was just a guest for easy analysis.

After collecting and analyzing the raw transcripts, I extracted some common words, such as ‘a’, ‘the’, ‘and’, ‘I’ and so on and came up with some interesting findings.

You can view the original version here.

In the chart above, you can see Becca’s key words in every single video she’s ever hosted. No surprise: “buds” is the top word with nearly 300 uses, followed by “real” and “camera”. “Buds” is a common term of affection from Becca, referring to us as viewers, but it also reinforces what we already know: that Becca covers a lot of earplugs.

You can view the original version here.

By looking at Becca’s key words by video, we can see how her language shifts from video to video – generally to emphasize the topic being discussed. Again, “tops” (highlighted in pink) take first place here.

The use of “buttons” also increases over time. Is this due to an ever-growing number of “tops” dubbed products she reviews or a deeper personal connection to her audience?

Most of the time it seems to match what she’s covering. They can be divided into five buckets: action cams, cameras, earbuds, phones and an assorted bucket with everything else.

  • Action Cameras, with six videos, didn’t have a particular word or phrase that stood out.
  • Cameras had ‘camera’ as the top word of three videos out of a total of five.
  • Earplugs had “earplugs” as the top word in nine out of ten videos.
  • Phones, with three videos, had “Pixel” or “Pixel/iPhone” in two videos as the top word.
  • In the Other category, the top word seemed to correspond to the subject of the video, with an even spread across five videos of “AI”, “fiber”, “video”, “board” and “bike”.

The data suggests that Becca’s speech most closely matches the topic she covers in each video, rather than being skewed by a favorite catchphrase. Although it still speaks for itself: Becca says tops a lot.

“In defense, ‘buds’ is a product category I cover, but it’s also part of my everyday language,” Becca told me. “Is it time for that to change? Maybe I’ll let the buttons decide.”

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