Blizzard co-head Jen Oneal steps down just 3 months after taking the job
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Blizzard boss Jen Oneal was paid less than her male counterpart prior to resigning

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snow fall co-head Jen Oneal introduced her resignation earlier this month, barely 3 months after taking the task, announcing that she became “inspired by way of the passion of every body” at the studio to move to a greater enterprise-huge technique to enhancing diversity and inclusion. But in step with a new IGN record, she turned into also motivated in part via the truth that she became being paid much less than her counterpart Mike Ybarra, and that snowfall was apparently reluctant to address the imbalance.

In a message to blizzard employees, Ybarra said that he and Oneal informed Activision blizzard management that they wanted to be paid the equal quantity, because they have been doing the identical activity. They have been being paid otherwise, he explained, due to the fact they had been below separate, current contracts once they have been supplied the job to head up snow fall.

“I ran [Battle.Net & Online Products] and he or she ran [Vicarious Visions] so our pay became exclusive,” Ybarra stated. “the primary time each Jen and that i have been supplied a new agreement, it was the same throughout each folks for the new co-chief of snowfall roles, so our repayment was going to be the identical.”

Ybarra’s clarification apparently got here in response to allegations made in a recent Wall road journal file, which says that shortly after Oneal took the pinnacle task at snowfall she despatched an email to Activision’s legal branch complaining that the agency “would never prioritize our people the proper manner.” She additionally stated within the e-mail that she were sexually stressed on the employer and changed into being paid much less than Ybarra, and desired to speak about her resignation.

Oneal took trouble with one element of Ybarra’s Slack message, announcing in separate chat that at the same time as they did in fact take the snowfall co-lead jobs beneath unequal contracts, there was no instantaneous offer to cause them to equal: “It remained that way for some time properly when we made more than one rejected requests to trade it to parity,” she wrote. In truth, it wasn’t until after Oneal tendered her resignation that she and Ybarra were provided equal money.

Oneal said she clarified the factor a good way to make certain there was no “false impression approximately while i used to be provided equal repayment,” however the feedback stand in stark comparison to the fairly constructive statement launched while she introduced her resignation.

“i am doing this not due to the fact i’m with out hope for snowstorm, quite the other—I’m inspired by way of the passion of anybody right here, operating toward meaningful, lasting change with their whole hearts,” Oneal wrote on the time. “This energy has stimulated me to step out and explore how i will do greater to have video games and diversity intersect, and with any luck make a broader enterprise effect with a view to advantage snowfall (and different studios) as properly.”

no matter the upbeat messaging, her resignation hit many employees difficult: One source at Activision snowfall told pc Gamer that her wonder assertion had “killed” a morale raise personnel were feeling within the wake of concessions to worker demands that corporation control had made in October. 

it’s also not possible to overlook the inherent hypocrisy within the pay differential between Oneal and Ybarra. Snowfall said the new leaders were dedicated to ensuring the studio “is the most secure, most welcoming place of job possible for ladies, and those of any gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or background,” yet it couldn’t be bothered to make certain they have been being paid equally for containing equal roles.

Oneal and Ybarra assumed control of snowstorm in August 2021 after the departure of then-president J. Allen Brack, who stepped down amidst the ongoing scandal over persistent discrimination and sexual harassment at Activision snow fall. Oneal tendered her resignation on November 2 but will continue to be with the employer till the end of 2021.

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