Blizzard offers free housecleaning so you can mainline Diablo 4 this weekend

Hell yeah.

The Butcher in Diablo 3

The past weekend saw Diablo 4’s first beta test which, while not without its issues (opens in new tab), has been generally well-received. There’s another round of demon-slaying scheduled for this weekend and, in an amusing idea for generating a bit of buzz, Blizzard’s decided that what players really need with Diablo 4 is freedom from this mortal realm or, more specifically, someone to do all the housework while you goblin mode it in a darkened room.

The sweepstakes is running until midnight ET on March 23, with players asked to submit their dreaded to-do lists of household chores, and on 24 March 100 winners will be randomly selected and receive $200 credit for Thumbtack, a company that provides cleaning services. Oh, and no “bad taste” in the entries or Blizzard will send YOU to hell.

OK Blizzard, so my garden needs a bit of TLC, the kids’ rooms are a true nightmare, I’ve made a start on the kitchen but that’s all it is, and frankly it’s about time I tackled that mountain of dirty washing. Oh, US citizens only? Dammit…

The promotion comes with a video showing someone having a fun old time on the game while a hooded figure cleans their windows and mows the lawn. I mean, this is actually a great idea and, if I were a rich man, I’d happily free up more gaming time by getting someone else to do the chores. Laziness? I prefer to think of it as efficiency.

The #DiabloIV Open Beta is coming. We’re giving away over $20k in @Thumbtack services to take care of your Earthly duties while you descend into Hell.➡️ Comment your dreaded to-do list with #Diablo4theWeekend for a chance to win.RULES: 20, 2023

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Even if you don’t have a hellbound helper scrubbing the sideboards, this weekend’s open beta is likely to be a fun old time. Even PCG’s own Andy Chalk, as dedicated and grizzled a Diablo warrior as you’ll get, went in with low expectations and found himself loving it (opens in new tab). There’s a sense that, after the slightly underwhelming Overwatch 2, this may well be Blizzard back to a more classic vein of form. That’s no excuse for neglecting the chores, of course, but then who really ever needs one?

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