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Bose’s new SoundLink Flex speaker has a rugged layout and ‘impressive’ sound

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Bose is introducing its first new transportable Bluetooth speaker in pretty some time. The $149 SoundLink Flex has a ruggedized design with an IP67 score for dust and water resistance, 12-hour battery life, and what Bose claims is “superb” audio performance for its length.

At 7.Nine inches wide, 3.6 inches high, 2.1 inches deep, and weighing slightly over one pound, the SoundLink Flex is well compact and has a built-in utility loop for attaching to a carabiner. It’ll be sold in three hues: there’s black, smoke white, and blue.

in the SoundLink Flex is a custom transducer that Bose says is “as huge as should healthy” and capable of producing “bass that you may feel for your chest.” the use of a feature that Bose calls “PositionIQ,” the speaker can detect what orientation its in — upright, placing, or flat on its returned — and song audio output for this reason.

The speaker is designed to withstand the factors.
photo: Bose

The speaker has a silicone lower back and powder-lined steel grille, and Bose claims it’s designed to resist corrosion and fend off any discoloration from UV mild. With that IP67 rating, it’s a pool-secure speaker, and Bose says it’ll glide to the floor when dropped into water.

There’s not anything mainly “smart” approximately the SoundLink Flex, however it could be linked up with any Bose smart speakers or soundbars you’ve were given at home. And you may stereo pair it with every other SoundLink Flex or a distinct Bose portable speaker. There’s also a integrated microphone for taking calls and interacting with the voice assistant for your smartphone. (Bose nonetheless sells the a good deal pricier transportable clever Speaker for $four hundred with integrated voice abilties, but you could do better for much less money than that.)

Controls are placed on the pinnacle.
photograph: Bose

At $149, the SoundLink undercuts merchandise like the Sonos Roam, even though it doesn’t fit that speaker’s huge set of functions. Bose also has to contend with dazzling Bluetooth speaker opposition from JBL, UE, and others. Nevertheless, the company’s transportable speakers have a way of sounding lots better than you’d anticipate primarily based on their length, so I’m searching forward to listening to what the SoundLink Flex is able to.

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