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Call of responsibility: Warzone’s new Pacific map is not on time

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name of obligation: Warzone’s new Pacific map has been delayed by means of per week. It became anticipated to go live on December 2, however Activision said these days that it may not without a doubt display up till December nine.

call of duty: vanguard owners could be given get right of entry to to the new map 24 hours in advance of every person else—December eight, in other phrases. The start of vanguard Season 1, which become also set to kick off on December 2, has been delayed to the equal day, and an Activision rep showed that the total rollout of the brand new Ricochet anti-cheat device can be driven to the same date.

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Activision did not say why the new map turned into driven, but the new day drops the map and forefront’s debut season without delay on pinnacle of the Halo infinite campaign, which is likewise set to pop out on December 8. My wager is that is no longer intentional, however it’s far an amusing reversal of the “delayed to avoid being massacred” maneuver that we’ve grown used to seeing.

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