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Castlevania gets bloody NFTs | PC Gamer

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This year marks the 35th anniversary of Castlevania, a series that has consistently featured 2D whip-cracking adventures since the NES era and even the highly respected 3D Lords of Shadow. As with many of Konami’s biggest series, it seems like it’s been on a temporary break for a while now, except for the re-release, but surprisingly, no hope of a new entry on the occasion of the birthday. : Instead, we’re getting NFTs.

Konami has announced the ‘Konami Memorial NFT Collection’, which sounds worryingly like a funeral, featuring 14 Castlevania images including game scenes, music, and some new visual drawings from the history of the series. Included. The collection is going to be auctioned on January 12 and has an official website. Notably, all images provided by these NFTs are marked as ‘sample’, only if one has the naughty idea of ​​right-clicking and saving.

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