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Destiny 2 festival Of The lost Has Neat Easter Egg For gamers Of closing 12 months’s event

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Spooky season is here in future 2 with the release of this year’s competition of the misplaced, which brings with it new activities and items. For players of last 12 months’s occasion, there’s an advantage Easter egg that includes some more loot.

ultimate yr’s festival of the lost awarded players a peculiar, apparently vain item: an Ascendant Lens. For longtime players of future 2, random items without a obvious purpose aren’t any surprise, but the reality that this became an award for the competition’s predominant demanding situations made it exquisite. Bungie has eventually integrated the object on this yr’s competition, as you may now convey it to Queen Mara Sov for a few more loot.

if you nevertheless have the lens, you may get a quest to bring it to Mara Sov. As soon as she receives it, she’ll give you a few lore about its cause and a package of candies. This includes 3 Jurassic inexperienced pulse rifles, 21 Spectral Pages, and an Enhancement Prism.

that is a fun nod from Bungie to veteran players, and it’s just one small a part of the festival of the misplaced. You could take on Haunted Sectors on the Moon which function enemies replete with jack-o-lantern heads, and you could also snatch some seasonal weapons and armor. Test out greater info about destiny 2’s competition of the lost here.

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