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Destruction AllStars Will Get A Physical PS5 Release On April 7

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Destruction AllStars is getting a physical version. Following its run as a PlayStation Plus freebie, Destruction AllStars will go up for sale as a digital game on the PlayStation Store beginning on April 6. A physical version will launch a day later, on April 7.

This will be just in time for the release of Destruction AllStars’ first piece of major post-launch content. In April, Destruction AllStars Season 1 will begin, adding a new playable character, battle pass, competitive 3v3v3v3 mode, and more.

Developer Lucid Games announced Destruction AllStars’ physical version in a PlayStation blog post that detailed how the studio used PS5’s tech to bring its game to life. In the blog, Sony xDev senior producer John McLaughlin revealed that Lucid turned to SIE Japan Studio for help in getting the most out of the PS5’s DualSense controller.

“We had a chat with [Astro’s Playroom creative director] Nicolas Doucet,” McLaughlin said. “He’s always approachable, was always very helpful. He [and his team] were coming to the end of their dev cycle, because they were wrapping up a bit earlier. So we sent them a build over for them to take a look. They gave a ton of hints and tips about where and how to use haptics, use it in conjunction with the speaker and the triggers and things like that. I think overall, we got a really compelling control scheme because of that.”

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