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Disc Room Will Always Take Place 69 Years In The Future

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If you were somehow emotionally attached to Disc Room’s stated setting of 2089, we’ve got bad news for you. Jan Willem Nijman, a developer of the indie action game, recently revealed that the year in the game’s intro automatically updates to be 69 years in the future. That means that players who start the game this year will see the following crawl instead.

“Now that it’s 2021, I can safely spoil that Disc Room will always be Set In The Future,” Nijman wrote. “It used to be set in 2089, but just so that our ancestors don’t have to deal with the whole ‘this is the year Disc Room was set in’ drama, we add an extra year whenever necessary.”

While this is a silly joke based on an internet meme, it’s also a surprisingly common problem, especially in sci-fi media. Many of the classics of the genre are set in a future date that is now the recent past. For example, the original Blade Runner was set in November 2019.

Disc Room is an indie action game based on dodging sawblades and other obstacles in tiny rooms. Several of the developers who worked on it previously collaborated on the similarly-compact action game Minit. Disc Room received positive reviews from many critics. In our Disc Room review, critic Edmond Tran praised the game as a “pleasantly positive take on difficulty-first games.”

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