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Dying Light 2 Stay Human Delayed To February 2022

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Yet another high-profile game has been delayed, with Dying Light 2 Stay Human getting bumped to 2022. Developer Techland said in a statement that the game will now launch on February 4, 2022. It was previously slated for release in December 2021, so the delay is about a couple of months.

Explaining the delay, Techland said Dying Light 2 is complete and the team is now playtesting it. However, due to the ambitious nature of the game, the studio determined that it needed more time to focus on polish and optimization to “bring the game to the level we envision.”

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“We are sorry to keep you all waiting a little longer,” the statement goes on to say. “But we want the game to meet your highest expectations on release and we don’t want to compromise on this.”

Finally, Techland said it will invite press and content creators to play the game and share their thoughts soon, and the studio will have “some exciting news” to reveal later this month.


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