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Elden Ring character creation leaks
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Elden Ring character creation leaks

by arun809097
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During the Alden Ring Network test, players were only allowed to choose from a set of five pre-designed characters instead of diving into a complete character creation system. However, life did find a way, and the YouTube channel ER-SA gave us our first look at the creator of this character, although much of the text has been left blank and there are many options that could potentially continue to work. Are

Still, you can see that it is very deep. There seem to be 10 classes to choose from, equivalent to a course at Soulsborne Games. Laker decides what the Alden-colored version of the deprived looks like, with no coaches, clubs and shields, and all figures have 10s straight on the board. Looks like they’ve got another club in the inventory, maybe for the action of running a dual club?

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