Elden Ring Story Explained: A Complete Guide To What You’re Doing In The Game
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Elden Ring Story Explained: A Complete Guide To What You’re Doing In The Game

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Elden Ring is a widespread recreation that takes you thru an widespread international brimming with history and lore, in addition to tiny memories gambling out all round you. But then there’s your story: the belongings you surely do in the sport. You are something called a Tarnished, and you are told you have to get some thing called the Elden Ring, and that you need to come to be something called Elden Lord. There are humans you need to kill to do that. Have amusing.

The motives you’re doing the belongings you’re doing are opaque, there’s not a lot of facts on the humans you are preventing, and it is extremely clean to miss the context of what is occurring in Elden Ring. This is where this manual comes in. After gambling the sport for more than 100 hours, reading and looking a host of lore deep-dives from numerous content material creators, and consulting and working with GameSpot’s different Elden Ring obsessives, we’ve created a complete guide to what without a doubt happens in Elden Ring. That is the story of you, the chosen Tarnished, as you journey through the lands among, face the demigods, and try to apprehend the machinations of cosmic forces past your manipulate. There is a lot greater to Elden Ring than simply killing large bosses. Here’s everything you need to realize to make feel of it.

Be warned, those articles are complete of spoilers. It’s also well worth noting that the tales of the Lands between often interlock with each other, so while you may leap round to articles that difficulty a selected phase of the sport, we on occasion reference discussions from earlier parts–specially in relation to characters like Marika, Miquella, Godwyn, and the Albinaurics.

The lore and history of the Lands between

The Lands among is a massive place with an extended records, and know-how it’s far key to making feel of what you spot before you.

First, we’ve the basics. This is an explanation of what took place earlier than the start of Elden Ring, who the major personalities are, who the player character is, and why the player individual is in the Lands among. TL;DR: A human female named Marika was multiplied to the popularity of god-queen by a far off and unknowable cosmic entity, after which usually screwed up the sector in an increasing number of awful approaches.

component 1: Limgrave

You start the game in Limgrave with a clear target: Godrick the Grafted.
You begin the sport in Limgrave with a clean goal: Godrick the Grafted.

Your tale begins in Limgrave. God is missing, there may be no one in fee, monsters are strolling around, a bunch of people are being murdered, and the complete region has stagnated. In Limgrave, you will study the extra Will and the guidance of Grace, in addition to approximately Godrick the Grafted, a demigod usurper who runs those lands with bad cruelty. It’s as much as you to kill Godrick and claim his first rate Rune, a bit of the paranormal Elden Ring. Amassing the awesome Runes will let you repair the Elden Ring and fasten the world.

The Lands among desires a brand new nearby supervisor, and you’re making use of for the process.

For extra on Godrick, a completely pathetic bully who maims and murders humans to make himself sense better, and test out our distinctive look at his tale and lore.

Godrick the Grafted and Stormveil citadel – Elden Ring Lore

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part 2: Liurnia of the Lakes

In Liurnia, you'll hunt the Great Rune of Queen Rennala and learn more about the sorted affairs of the demigods.
In Liurnia, you’ll hunt the splendid Rune of Queen Rennala and learn greater about the taken care of affairs of the demigods.

when Godrick falls, the manner thru Stormveil is cleared, allowing you to assignment north to the subsequent location of the Lands among: Liurnia of the Lakes. Another piece of the Elden Ring waits in Raya Lucaria, the Liurnian academy of sorcery. No person poops at the floor there, however they do masses of different messed-up stuff. This place has a wealthy records that directly pertains to the demigods who run the Lands between, and it’s in which the intrigue a number of the Tarnished receives critical. There is a few fierce opposition to be Elden Lord–be cautious who you consider.

check out our video for an even deeper dive on Raya Lucaria and Queen Rennala, Liurnia’s monarch and the previous head of the academy.

Elden Ring Lore – Rennala and the Academy of Raya Lucaria

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component 3: Caelid

Caelid is a scarred and rotting place full of mutant creatures, but it's more tragic than frightening.
Caelid is a scarred and rotting region complete of mutant creatures, but it’s more tragic than frightening.

After Liurnia, we go away to the southeast for Caelid. In this land, the biggest battle of the demigods’ civil battle, the Shattering, befell, and it included the location in a deadly pestilence called the Scarlet Rot. Now the infantrymen once unswerving to Caelid’s demigod, Radahn, fight a losing war to include the Rot and the creatures it mutates with the really apt application of fire. This area is hell.

The Shardbearer you’re looking in Caelid is fashionable Radahn, who was additionally infected with Scarlet Rot returned throughout Caelid’s fundamental warfare. Radahn lost his mind from the sickness, however due to the actions of god-queen Marika, the Rot may not kill him. Radahn’s dependable soldiers arrange tournaments in which champions flock from around the sector to try and kill the fierce however mad warrior. Check out our video for a deeper have a look at Radahn.

Elden Ring Lore – Starscourge Radahn

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part four: Mt. Gelmir and Volcano Manor

Volcano Manor, on the other hand, is the site of actual horrors. Praetor Rykard rules here, blaspheming against the Golden Order.
Volcano Manor, then again, is the website of real horrors. Praetor Rykard rules right here, blaspheming against the Golden Order.

Heading north from Liurnia, you may ascend to the Altus Plateau, wherein you’ll discover the volcanic Mt. Gelmir. Preventing nevertheless keeps among the demigods’ factions on this vicinity. Volcano Manor, the seat of power in Mt. Gelmir, is domestic to Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy. Rykard rejected the faith of his stepmother Marika and embraced a variety of terrible moves to advantage his personal electricity. His major goals: developing snake people and ingesting his pals.

component 5: Leyndell, Royal Capital

Leyndell is ruled by Morgott, Marika's deformed and twisted son, who maintains loyalty to the Golden Order despite being oppressed by it.
Leyndell is dominated with the aid of Morgott, Marika’s deformed and twisted son, who maintains loyalty to the Golden Order regardless of being oppressed with the aid of it.

to your trek north, you’ve cleaned out a handful of demigods and amassed their pieces of the Elden Ring. With those in-hand, you could head to the base of the Erdtree, the large, life-giving golden tree at the center of the Lands among, and declare your right as Elden Lord. Surrounding the tree is Leyndell, Marika’s capital metropolis. And possibly truly unsurprisingly, you find out that the cutting-edge mayor is not sitting around writing his concession speech.

element 6: Mountaintops of the Giants

In the Mountaintops of Giants, you'll learn about Marika's first war against another god's influence in the Lands Between.
inside the Mountaintops of Giants, you will learn about Marika’s first battle against some other god’s affect in the Lands among.

nothing can ever be easy. Barred from getting into the Erdtree, you’re forced to locate another course ahead. In case you want to grow to be the Elden Lord, you’ll should commit a “cardinal sin.” but perhaps that was the plan all along. Or maybe you are being manipulated by forces you can’t understand. Either way, the answer lies within the Mountaintops of the Giants, wherein Queen Marika waged her first battle in the Lands among.

component 7: fortress Sol and the Consecrated Snowfield

The Mountaintops of the Giants hide a secret path to a place where one demigod thought he could create a better world. You'll have to work hard to find it.
The Mountaintops of the Giants disguise a secret course to an area wherein one demigod concept he could create a higher global. You will must paintings tough to find it.

Hidden inside the Mountaintops of the Giants is some other demigod Shardbearer, waiting in a place supposed to create a brand new, better version of Queen Marika’s Golden Order. A secret group of guardians work to hide this mystery place, a safe haven for the downtrodden of the Lands between. To find your manner there, you’ll have to face a citadel filled with ghosts and befriend one of the maximum persecuted peoples inside the Lands among.

part eight: Miquella’s Haligtree

In Miquella's Haligtree, you'll see how close the Lands Between might have come to salvation.
In Miquella’s Haligtree, you’ll see how near the Lands among might have come to salvation.

Your efforts pay off, unlocking the direction to Miquella’s Haligtree. A son of Marika, Miquella turned into beloved by way of his fans and seemed cause on creating a brand new Erdtree, changing his mom’s oppressive Golden Order with some thing higher. However what as soon as could have been the salvation of the Lands between is now rotted and festering with Scarlet Rot, thanks to the actions of different demigods. Certainly one of them waits for you at the base of the tree.

element nine: The everlasting towns, Deeproot Depths, and Mohg

Hidden beneath the Lands Between are ancient cities that were punished by the Greater Will. Their secrets reveal a lot that's hidden about the world.
Hidden under the Lands among are historic cities that had been punished by way of the greater Will. Their secrets screen loads it really is hidden about the sector.

just like the Haligtree, the Lands among include many secret depths. If you descend to plunder them, you will discover the remnants of a whole separate civilization. Once a part of the floor of this global, the everlasting cities had been solid down by the energy of the greater Will. Every other Shardbearer waits in the sort of mystery locations, communing with an outer god and hoping to claim all energy in the Lands among–except you prevent him.

part 10: Crumbling Farum Azula

Farum Azula is both city and mausoleum, floating in the sky and existing outside the bounds of time. It's weird.
Farum Azula is each city and mausoleum, floating inside the sky and present outside the bounds of time. It is bizarre.

We took a bit of a detour in the Mountaintops of the Giants to finish off the closing of the Shardbearers, however there is one more element we want to clearly restore the Elden Ring: the Rune of demise. Additionally known as Destined dying, this piece of the Elden Ring turned into removed through Marika lengthy ago, and it is a flow that created some extreme turmoil on this location. With out loss of life running as naturally intended, the demigods have become nearly immortal. To position that proper, you have to defeat the keeper of Destined demise, but there may be plenty greater going on on this strange, floating metropolis than first meets the attention.

element 11: Leyndell, Ashen Capital

There are others who wish to become Elden Lord, and they're not going to let you take the title without (another) fight.
There are others who desire to come to be Elden Lord, and they’re no longer going to assist you to take the name with out (another) combat.

With Destined dying claimed, you could subsequently return to Leyndell and wrap all this nonsense up. Time to grab that Elden Ring. In reality there may be no one else who should stand in your way, proper? You’ve killed, like, anybody. Proper?

part 12: becoming Elden Lord

Your jouney ends with
Your jouney ends with

that is it: the end result of your adventure through the Lands among. You stand earlier than a god, dealing with one final venture as you reshape the arena to your liking.

The Frenzied Flame finishing, defined

The Frenzied Flame might be the polar opposite of the Greater Will--but they're more closely linked than you might realize.
The Frenzied Flame is probably the polar opposite of the more Will–but they’re more closely related than you might recognize.

Elden Ring consists of multiple endings, all determined by way of which superb Runes you claim as you work via the game and the way you choose to repair the Elden Ring while you sooner or later stand earlier than it. These endings require you to take on various aspect quests if you want to get the pieces you want to exchange the Elden Ring, and with it, truth itself. One ending stands above the others for being puzzling and extraordinarily bleak, but: the Frenzied Flame ending.

in case you want to see even extra Elden Ring lore explainers, allow us to recognise inside the comments under!

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