Elden Ring’s Character Creator Leaks, Still Lets Players Make Eldritch Horrors
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Elden Ring’s Character Creator Leaks, Still Lets Players Make Eldritch Horrors

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While we’ve seen highlights from its closed network tests on the Alden-colored gameplay, one thing we haven’t seen is its character-building process. However, thanks to a video uploaded to YouTube today, we finally got to see what kind of characters, beautiful or not, players will be able to create in the upcoming From Software title.

Alden-colored closed network tests never intentionally give players access to a character creator. Instead, five pre-prepared characters were given to select the players. The reason behind this choice is clear after watching a video of the character creator uploaded by ER-SA. The menu is clearly incomplete, with most of the text missing, with some character models.

Although the Alden Ring character creation menu isn’t complete in any way, it does take a good look at the game’s improved character models. The majority of the basic options look politely realistic, play with the hair presented in an impressive way. Of course, all of this changes once the player decides to mess with the game’s multiple facial sliders.

In addition to their difficulty, software games are known for their deep character-creating menus. Players can customize various features of their character’s face, such as how far their jaw line extends, the size of their cheekbones, and so on. On the right hand side, this menu can be used to create impressive original characters or entertain others.

That, of course, rarely happens. Instead, players maximize each slider, creating a big-eyed creature with multiple angles from its face. In Bloodbourne, the players themselves were more terrifying than hunting monster players.

Alden Ring is set to launch on February 25 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S.

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