Epic buys Fuser studio Harmonix to bring music to Fortnite
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Epic buys Fuser studio Harmonix to bring track to Fortnite

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Fuser studio Harmonix is now part of Epic games. The studio said in an FAQ that the new ownership will enable it to “over again challenge expectancies as we bring our particular emblem of musical gaming reviews to the Metaverse.”

the brand new possession will no longer effect modern-day initiatives at Harmonix: Fuser events will keep and Rock Band DLC releases will hold into 2022. (Sorry, however new Rock Band units are not planned.) Harmonix also confirmed that Fuser and the VR rhythm shooter Audica will continue to be on Steam, and that there are currently no plans to close down servers for any older Harmonix games.

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As for what exactly lies ahead, Harmonix did not get into detail but stated that the metaverse on this context means—you guessed it—Fortnite.

“Our team will paintings with Epic to create musical journeys and gameplay for Fortnite,” Harmonix stated. “while we’re no longer geared up to share any specifics, the entire team is distinctly excited to get started.”

the purchase honestly seems like a quite right match. We said back in 2019 that “Fortnite is all about making tune now”, and so is Harmonix, which specializes in tune-based totally video games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band (despite the fact that Rock Band in no way made it to laptop). Fortnite has additionally end up a domestic for popular virtual live shows featuring artists including BTS, Travis Scott, and Ariana Grande. Fuser is in reality suitable (even when it is grossly misused), and i think it will likely be in reality thrilling to look what the studio comes up with subsequent underneath Epic’s banner.

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