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Even Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon metropolis’s Director Is Having a tough Time finding a PS5

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By using far, one of the most desirable devices right now to shop for is the ps 5, but when you have been maintaining updated on the information, you may know that Sony’s new console is in excessive call for and in short deliver. So many human beings had been searching (and struggling) to discover a PS5 that even a parent as prominent as Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon city director Johannes Roberts is having a difficult time buying one.

the topic became introduced up throughout an interview with IGN, wherein we asked Roberts what his favored Resident Evil game is, which he stated was Resident Evil 2 remake. Roberts also referred to other Resident Evil games along with Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, but admits that he has yet to play Resident Evil Village, which turned into launched this 12 months.

PS5 Console First appearance, size assessment

Why? Due to the fact Roberts desires to enjoy the sport on a PS5, and no longer his PS4.

“i haven’t, and if you have any energy in this global, you will make this happen for me. I have now not performed [Resident Evil] Village because I cannot. And you would have idea, director of Resident Evil, I cannot get a ps 5 anywhere,” Roberts advised IGN. “And i’m now not gambling it on my [PlayStation] 4; I want to play it on the [PlayStation] five.”

Roberts, like many others that have yet to obtain a PS5, aren’t the best ones suffering to buy one. Even Jason Kelley, the actor who played protagonist Colt Vahn in Deathloop, was having a tough time locating the console so he could play the sport he acted in (Bethesda sooner or later helped him relaxed a PS5 quickly after the game’s release).

Of route, Roberts’ struggle of attempting to shop for a PS5 turned into not the only element we mentioned. In our interview with the director, we additionally had a spoiler discussion approximately Welcome to Raccoon metropolis’s finishing at the side of some scenes that did now not make it into the movie, such as a scene in which Chris Redfield’s actor would have punched a boulder.

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