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Facebook execs tease VR prototype hardware with new pix

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Mark Zuckerberg and fb virtual reality lead and quickly-to-be CTO Andrew Bosworth (or “Boz”) are playing round with prototype VR (or AR) tech and need to show it off. Each executives have posted snap shots of themselves carrying prototype headsets and linking the concepts to fb’s paintings on the metaverse. Whilst the headsets the two are sporting are in no way guaranteed to emerge as actual retail products, it’s an interesting study what’s going on in facebook’s digital fact lab.

The headset Zuckerberg is sporting looks similar to the employer’s Oculus headsets. However, he identifies it as “retina resolution,” borrowing Apple’s phrase for monitors with such high pixel density that you could’t discern person points at a normal running distance. The headset Boz is wearing has a greater interesting layout — it seems, to be frank, almost precisely like drawings and descriptions of Apple’s rumored VR headset. Beyond Zuckerberg’s indistinct “retina” remark, there are essentially no info on what form of headsets they’re, what they’re able to, or even in the event that they’re just nonfunctional design mock-ups.

That’s perhaps to be predicted, given that this isn’t a product statement from fb. While the enterprise has released a couple of clever (and display-much less) Ray Bans, which it referred to as a step in the route “in the direction of complete augmented reality glasses,” fb’s virtual reality lab also teases many prototypes that in all likelihood received’t make it to marketplace. That consists of things like its horrifying eye-projection headset, the research-focused Aria AR glasses, and a evidence-of-idea set of VR glasses (which show you a digital international in preference to augmenting the real one). In place of hawking headsets, Boz and Zuckerberg seem to be selling their metaverse idea, which the organisation says is a digital international that might be the next version of the internet. If you need to do a deep-dive into what which means precisely, check out my colleagues’ brilliant explainer.

if you’re looking for a real next-gen headset, it is able to be well worth retaining an eye fixed out for HTC’s these days leaked Vive glide headset. Hilariously, certainly one of HTC’s Vive executives answered to Boz, asking if he’d be inclined to exchange the prototype headset for one hot off the factory line. Boz declined the offer.

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