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Far Cry 6 – How To Get Every Amigo

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No revolution is won by a single guerrilla, and in Far Cry 6 you’ll be getting some help in your war against Anton Castillo from a variety of sources. While fellow rebels are handy, Amigos are far superior to those forces thanks to their versatility.

Whether you’re looking for an Amigo that can tear enemies apart in combat situations or distract them with their undeniable cuteness during a stealth mission, Far Cry 6 has a solid roster of Amigos to help you.

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Each Amigo comes in one of two flavors, as some offer overt combat options while others are perfect for stealth operations. Each Amigo can also be upgraded, and have three skills that you can acquire for each one as you use them in the field.

Here’s how you can recruit every Amigo in Far Cry 6.

How To Unlock Guapo


Your first Amigo will be the surly crocodile Guapo, a homicidal reptile that you’ll meet during the main campaign. You’ll find the pair in Isla Santuario’s Armonia bar, and after recruiting Juan to the Libertad cause, Guapo will be available as your first ally. In battle, you can direct Guapo to attack nearby enemies, and if he takes too much damage, he can self-revive. With enough time, you’ll be able to unlock the following skills for Guapo:

Body Regulation

Guapo automatically regenerates health during combat. This skill is unlocked after Guapo revives himself five times.

Cornered Beast

Guapo’s damage output increases when he’s below 50% health. This skill is unlocked after Guapo regenerates 3,000 health points in combat.

Reptile Metabolism

Guapo will self-revive with 90% of his health restored. This skill is unlocked after Guapo kills 50 targets.

How To Unlock Chorizo


Far Cry 6’s popular pooch, Chorizo is weaponized cuteness that no enemy can resist. To unlock Chorizo, you’ll first need to start the mission Meet The Monteros, which introduces you to the clan of tough farmers. Once the Montero farm hideout has been unlocked, you can find Chorizo there and start the Who’s A Good Boy? mission. Finish it, and Chorizo will join your revolution. As for skills, this stealth-puppy can be upgraded with the following abilities:


Chorizo will tag nearby crafting materials for you. This skill is unlocked after Chorizo distracts 10 enemies.

Yes, You Can

Give Chorizo a scratch and your health will start regenerating. This skill is unlocked after Chorizo tags 36 containers.

Keen Senses

Chorizo will find buried items and dig them out for you. This skill is unlocked after you use Chorizo’s healing ability 50 times.

How To Unlock Chicharron


There’s no shortage of ferocious roosters in Yara, but Chicharron rules the roost on that island. To acquire him, you’ll need to head to Patriotas Peak in El Este to start recruiting the Legends of ’67. After the introductory mission, you’ll be able to start the Man’s Best Enemy quest, which will introduce you to Chicharron. After protecting the rooster across three missions, he’ll be unlocked as your latest Amigo.

Chicharron is a combat-focused Amigo who can attack enemies with a leap attack, and upgraded with the following abilities:

Roid Rage

When Chicharron is below 70% health, he’ll attack faster and deal double damage. This skill is unlocked after Chicharron kills 12 enemies.

Angrier Bird

Chicharron’s leap attack can now knock enemies to the ground. To unlock this skill, have Chicharron kill 24 enemies while he’s in Roid Rage mode.

Chicken Feet

When in Roid Rage mode, Chicharron gains the chance to dodge attacks. This skill is unlocked after Chicarron knocks down 50 enemies with his Angrier Bird attack.

How To Unlock Boom Boom

Boomer I mean Boom Boom
Boomer I mean Boom Boom

Another canine companion, Boom Boom is a master of stealth and can swipe loot from dead enemies when you take him into the field with you. To recruit Boom Boom, start the Boom Or Bustmission by reading “The Shipment From Montana” note that is found in the middle of Camp Maximas. Go to the marked location, open the container that you hear barking from, and Boom Boom will join your crew. Here’s what else he can do once you’ve upgraded his abilities.


Boom Boom marks the location of enemy soldiers and animals. To unlock this skill, have Boom Boom collect loot from 10 dead enemies.

Expert Tracker

Boom Boom can now tag enemies from further away. To unlock this skill, make Boom Boom tag 24 animals.

Thick Coat

Boom Boom’s maximum health is increased. To unlock this skill, have Boom Boom tag 50 enemies.

How To Unlock Oluso


Easily the most challenging Amigo to recruit, Oluso will be unlocked once you’ve completed the Triada treasure hunts in Far Cry 6’s three main territories. Fortunately, we’ve got treasure hunt locations and walkthroughs listed. Go to the Oluwa Cave on Isla Santuario, east of Ventura Summit, and read the note at the end of the cave. Next, do the Madrugada, Valle De Oro, and El Este Triada relic missions and then return to the Oluwa Cave.

After being attacked by ghost-panthers and surviving the ambush, you’ll find a wounded Oluso waiting to be revived. Once the magnificent feline is brought over to your side, you can use its ability to take out enemies quickly, quietly, and efficiently. Spend some time with Oluso, and it’ll become even more lethal with the following skills.

Mimo Abosi’s Luck

Oluso’s stealthy takedowns have a higher chance of being successfully activated during battle. To unlock this skill, Oluso must kill 12 enemies in a restricted area.

Rage Of Ida

A successful takedown will make nearby enemies flee in terror. To unlock this skill, have Oluso perform 24 takedown kills on enemies.

Mist Of Oku

Oluso will activate a smokescreen when its health drops below 50%, making it harder to track, immune to damage, and able to regenerate health faster. To unlock this skill, Oluso must cause 50 enemies to flee in fear.

How To Unlock K-9000


Unlike the other Amigos on this list, K-9000 is one of two animal partners that must be unlocked with cash. Specifically, the cash spent on securing the Blood Dragon DLC set, from either the Gold or Ultimate Editions of Far Cry 6. K-9000 is as tough an Amigo as you could ask for, as this robo-pooch shrugs off damage, is fireproof, and completely immune to poison. K-9000 will automatically be unlocked once you reach Libertad Island for the first time.

As for skills, K-9000 goes full Terminator once its hardware has been upgraded.


K-9000 tags turrets, security cameras, tripwires, and alarms for you. To unlock this skill, K-9000 will need to take 100 points of damage from enemies.


More damage will be dealt against tagged enemies. To unlock this skill, have K-9000 tag 24 security systems.

Termination Protocol

Should K-9000 die in battle, it’ll explode and deal massive damage around it. To unlock this skill, K-9000 must destroy 50 tagged enemies.

How To Unlock Champagne


The fanciest cat on Yara and acquired through Far Cry 6’s Ultimate Edition Vice Pack DLC, Champagne is a stealth-focused Amigo who can loot dead enemies for Pesos. Spend some time with this Fang-for-hire, and her abilities can make you even richer.

Greed Is Good

The more Pesos you have, the more often Champagne will succeed at carrying out enemy takedowns. Have Champagne kill 12 enemies to unlock this skill.

Status Symbol

Champagne will automatically loot enemies after killing them with a successful silent takedown. To unlock this skill, have Champagne kill 24 enemies with takedowns.

Sonic Snarl

After taking damage, there is a chance that Champagne will knock enemies back with her roar and escape from the danger zone. Have Champagne loot 1,000 Pesos from dead enemies to unlock this skill.

For more walkthroughs, check out our Far Cry 6 guide hub, as well as our Far Cry 6 review.

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