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Final fable 14: Endwalker Preview – fingers-On With Reaper, Sage, And extra

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very last fantasy XIV: Endwalker Preview

final delusion 14’s brand new expansion, Endwalker, is ready to complete up a massive storyline spanning over 10 years, and is the sport’s 4th growth because it become remodeled for A Realm Reborn. I used to be capable to check out the massive modifications coming to the jobs we all recognise and love, but also to get some hands-on time with the new Reaper and Sage jobs as properly. Of direction, it’s miles vital to notice that this text is based on an in-improvement construct of very last fable XIV: Endwalker, and any content material is subject to alternate before all of us get our palms on the final version.

Now gambling: Reaper & Sage hands very last delusion XIV Endwalker Preview

firstly, in case you are concerned about tale spoilers, you might not locate them here as there have been no story quests in the build we played. The event itself turned into set up to let us run around and test jobs, both new and antique, even as doing fates and hunts in two new zones: Garlemald and Thavnair. Old Sharlayan was also available for us to explore and join up with humans to run Tower of Zot, the one dungeon to be had in the preview. At the same time as I couldn’t find any hunts, I did run the dungeon a couple of times with some humans, additionally whilst the use of the marginally progressed consider gadget. I spent a terrific amount of time with goal dummies on a very scenic seaside in Thavnair, too, simply attempting out jobs with adjustments I desired to look. I feel like it is important to can help you know that i’m a tank most important. I spent most of my time playing Reaper, for the reason that i was maximum excited for it, and the second most playing Warrior, for the reason that it’s miles my principal activity. I do have impressions for Sage as nicely, however recovery isn’t my strongest healthy, admittedly. I additionally attempted to present some time to jobs like Summoner because it changed into changed so drastically.

Reaper and Sage

after getting my fingers on both of the new jobs, my largest takeaway changed into fresh they each feel, both in terms of fashion and the way they play.. This is most real for Sage, for the reason that it’s far a part of the brand new healer split between “pure healers” and “defend healers”. Reaper even does plenty to stand out against maximum of the other bodily melee jobs. Common, I feel like they are outstanding additions to the existing jobs in the game and i can’t wait to play them extra as soon as the growth releases.

it’d be pretty messed up if I didn’t have any bunny boy associated content on this preview, so right here you move bunny boy enthusiasts, this one is for you, Sage gear and all. Please experience. No, seriously, that is the simplest place I point out bunny dudes.

I know I already talked a chunk approximately how i’m no longer the biggest fan of recuperation, however my first reaction after messing around with the capabilities for Sage become that I may additionally should exchange that. The whole thing from the Gundam-inspired weapon layout to the wildly flashy animations, or even the sound effects that would were ripped proper out of the destiny, come together to make a totally rad-feeling healer that plays so otherwise from all the others. Being capable of mark a celebration member with the Kardia talent so they passively get hold of heals at the same time as i am getting over excited shooting laser beams anywhere is exactly what i am looking for. Of route, I need to make sure my pals stay alive, but I additionally need to appearance precise even as doing it, and that’s what Sage feels like it is giving me. They also have a simply cool hole-ultimate capability known as Icarus that can be used to propel yourself in the direction of enemies as well as allies–i will in all likelihood end up the use of this an excessive amount of just because of how unwell it seems. Usual although, I assume my favored sage capability is Eukrasia. It augments three of your skills to be extra effective variations of themselves. In different words, it makes your present lasers into bigger lasers and without a doubt, who doesn’t want that? My time with Sage left me trying greater and perhaps even thinking about spending extra time in the restoration position, in spite of the anxiety the responsibility gives me. If that is not a top notch endorsement for the new process, I really don’t realize what’s.

Reaper is the job I spent maximum of my time with at some point of the preview event. The first time I got enshroud to proc and became “enshrouded,” or what I endearingly like to call “terrible Boy Mode.”I call it this because it changes your usually cheery Warrior of mild into an indignant, pink-eyed, Shadow the Hedgehog-y voidsent model of yourself. That became all it took, and that i knew I had a new favorite melee DPS task. The entirety you could do on a Reaper just feels so dang badass. The sick issue isn’t just restricted to living out your dream of being a scythe-wielding warm subject matter-fueled nightmare creature, both… the sensation of weaving your way thru the Reaper’s diverse abilities to get into bad Boy Mode simply feels first-rate. Around all of those core assaults, you also get a fun toolkit that allows you to do all styles of fun stuff, like sprint around and teleport.

Just to sell it to you, here is my Warrior of Light fully shifted into Bad Boy Mode. Looks really mean, right?
simply to sell it to you, right here is my Warrior of mild completely shifted into awful Boy Mode. Appears honestly suggest, right?

The element that I virtually liked the maximum changed into just how exceptional the Reaper seems in motion. All your attacks have those truely cool purple and blue tearing outcomes that comply with your scythe actions and alternate depending on what ability you are using. This impact is only amplified while you get to go without a doubt crazy in horrific Boy Mode, in which your Warrior of mild can be completely surrounded by using twice as many of these shiny, purple and black colored tears from you whipping your scythe around wildy and i like every 2d of it. Reaper is type of a herbal step for me too for the reason that my present day favorite melee DPS elegance is dragoon and even as they may be still very specific, I suppose there’s enough to bridge that gap. They also percentage the equal armor too, so i have a lower back catalog of cool glamours to apply already. My love and loyalty to tanking in the long run manner I don’t suppose i’m going to become a Reaper foremost, however you bet this could be one of the first alt jobs I level up. It is able to very without problems be my 2nd preferred job i have performed, regardless of only a few hours to attempt it out and play/research it.

existing Jobs

I spent quite a few time additionally playing my important job, Warrior, to try to get an excellent take care of on the brand new capabilities in Endwalker and what number of changes had been made to older competencies as nicely. Ever for the reason that benchmark happened and that i got to peer that we would be getting a new punch button i’ve been unbelievably excited, however that wasn’t even the superstar of the show for me. That honor went to what they did to change up one of our predominant mitigation capabilities. Uncooked instinct used to simply lower damage taken for a few seconds, but now it additionally restores HP whenever you hit with a weapon ability. And that’s not all, as at degree eighty two it adjustments over to a new potential called Bloodwhetting. This no longer best decreases harm taken and has the equal recuperation properties before, but now you furthermore may get a defend on top of it. All this performs into the larger emphasis on getting tank gamers to use defensive cooldowns on the proper time and be rewarded for it in Endwalker, and i think it’s a outstanding exchange. The adjustments to inner launch, meanwhile, could nonetheless go both way for me. At the same time as I just like the concept of no longer having to stack talent speed to healthy enough Fell Cleaves into the capability window, I additionally truely, certainly pass over just jamming the heck out Fell Cleave again and again–you know how Warriors are. All of this and i have not even stated the brand new ability that lets you eventually come to be the Fell Cleave: Primal Rend. To this point, Warrior is noticeably fun and i like a whole lot of the adjustments at the manner for them.

Summoner being able to call in full-on Primals now is a super rad change. Look at our boy Titan go!
Summoner having the ability to name in full-on Primals now’s a amazing rad alternate. Take a look at our boy Titan go!

the opposite process I simply desired to dig into changed into Summoner, considering just how tons it’s miles set to exchange, and because it’s certainly one of my favourite ranged DPS jobs in the sport. Giving them the capability to not only nicely summon full-on Primals now but also alternate their assaults to tackle their homes is so exciting, despite the fact that we had to lose DoTs to get them. The Summoner activity simply feels snappier to me now, too, on the grounds that moving from one summon to the next is quick and easy, and i love that a lot. Some neat highlights from the brand new capabilities you get from the primal summons are the two-component hole nearer due to summoning Ifrit. Called pink Cyclone, it shall we you turn right into a fireball and rush to the goal and explode, and then lets you follow up with crimson Strike. The Mountain Buster potential you get from Titan is likewise very cool specifically due to the animation for the spell–you’re making your character clap their palms together and crash huge rocks torn from the ground into each different around whoever is unfortunate enough to have earned your ire on that specific day. I have usually enjoyed playing Summoner because of how effective it makes you feel, and these kind of changes feed at once into making that even more common. I am going to be playing plenty more of this process inside the expansion, too.

I recognize that with Endwalker there may be nonetheless a lot extra for me to peer. In spite of what I had to be had to me, I nevertheless wanted to attempt out such a lot of other jobs and accomplish that many different matters. I nonetheless desired to explore extra of the grey, desolate ruins of Garlemald. I wanted to just vibe on that seaside in Thavnair for some time longer and take in the extremely good soundtrack a few extra, due to the fact man, that new Endwalker motif is so, so right and i will already sense it pulling on my feelings. However, regrettably, there has been simply now not sufficient time. Although, what I performed was sufficient to get me fantastically stoked for the adventure we are all going to go on together once Endwalker drops. Buckle up, fellow warriors of mild, due to the fact we’ve got a god to kill and a story to wrap up, and that i wish to look you there: for those we have lost and for those we will yet keep.

No real caption to put here, just an appreciation image for my Warrior of Light. The preview build may not have had his actual hair, but it was nice running around with a beta version of him.
No actual caption to place right here, just an appreciation picture for my Warrior of light. The preview build won’t have had his real hair, however it turned into nice jogging around with a beta model of him.

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