Former PS4 exclusive Erica hits PC in May

It’s an FMV thriller set in a weird mansion.


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Erica released exclusively for PS4 in 2019, and the FMV thriller proved divisive. Some found it tedious while others were hooked by it. Either way it has an interesting premise: you play as Erica as she explores a sprawling, mysterious mansion, where she hopes to find the truth about her father’s death. It’s a pretty big budget affair as FMV games go, and the soundtrack is provided by Austin Wintory of Journey fame.

The Flavourworks adventure is on its way to PC, hitting Steam on May 25. It follows the game’s release on iOS earlier this year, and is in keeping with the recent FMV revival, a genre once thought eternally doomed to early ‘90s CD-ROM obscurity.  Richard Cobbett wrote about the genres re-emergence in a 2015 feature, spearheaded by the success of Her Story. 

It’s already available to wishlist on Steam, and it’ll cost $12 / £10 with a ten percent discount at launch. Check out a new trailer below: 

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