Fortnite 16.20 Patch Notes Include New Vehicles
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Fortnite 16.20 Patch Notes Include New Vehicles

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Fortnite version 16.20 is just around the corner, and Epic has once again taken to Twitter to share the basic patch notes. As is often the case, players will want to dive in firsthand to see all that’s new, as the patch notes tend to only cover the broad strokes these days, but the Fortnite 16.20 patch notes still include reference to some fun new additions players have been waiting for.

Chief among them is probably the allusion to “new wheels,” which is likely a reference to the remodeled Whiplash car you may have caught in the Fortnite Season 6 launch trailer. Already the fastest car in the game, the Whiplash looks primed to be tricked out with new tires and suspension that should solve the car’s previous issues with offroad traction. The question remains, though, whether other new cars will be landing on the island as well. For now, we await the overnight update–or more likely the dataminers ahead of time.

Version 16.20 will also introduce a new bow-focused Duos Cup, though its proper name and start date have not yet been revealed. It sounds like it’s time to practice your accuracy with this season’s themed weapon.

The last major highlight is a new 50 versus 50 mode coming to Fortnite’s Creative hub. Like the rest of the patch notes, we’re still waiting to learn more about this when the update goes live tonight, a bit earlier than usual, mind you. Players can expect downtime to begin around 11 PM PT / 2 AM ET, and Epic warned that it will extend later than usual this time.

The patch will become available to download during the downtime and before the game comes back online, so if you have automatic updates applied, you should be good to go once the game comes back online tomorrow morning. You can find the full patch notes below.

Fortnite 16.20 Patch Notes

  • Trick out your ride with new wheels
  • Sharpen those bow skills and focus up for a special Duos Cup
  • 50-player matchmaking in Creative

A new Spire Quest will also launch with the patch, and we’ll be sure to bring you a complete guide to that once it’s available.

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