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Fortnite Update 16.30 Improves Crafting Controls And More, Patch Now Live With Some Issues

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Epic has revealed that Fortnite’s update 16.30 is out now. It brings with it a variety of changes, including quality-of-life fixes to weapon crafting, clearer weapon stats, and a new exotic bow. Here’s everything to look forward to in the Fortnite patch 16.30.

Downtime for the update began today at around 1 AM PT / 4 AM ET. Players were greeted to a new exotic bow which Epic is teasing, calling it “unpredictable.” That’s probably a reference to the leaked Unstable Bow, which hits players with a “glitch” effect on contact, according to dataminers. Think of it as a bit like a bow that fires flashbangs at players. If it is that one, we anticipate Raven will be selling it in her house on the western beach between Coral Castle and Sweaty Sands.

Also coming is an overhaul to the crafting menu that will allow players to smoothly transition to the crafting menu when holding a craftable item in their hands by holding down the inventory button. This should keep players out of the menus when they need to be focused on the enemies ahead. For players seeking to compare all these weapons, their stats on screen will now be represented with numbers rather than the more abstract bars.

We know another Spire Quest is due to arrive as well, and it may be the last of them. This season’s storyline has been leading to a fight between Jonesy and Raz, and tomorrow’s Spire Quest promises to deliver that showdown. Completing all Spire Quests not only unlocks hundreds of thousands of seasonal XP, but also grants players the Raz alternate Style, Glyph Master.

A new LTM called The Floor Restores is included as well, as an apparent reference to the game’s Floor Is Lava modes that have populated the LTM space lately. For players in Creative mode, the remaining weapons not previously seen in the suite will make their way to it as well.

The release of 16.30 hasn’t been entirely smooth sailing, however, as some issues have cropped up on Nintendo Switch, in particular. Epic is currently investigating.

Of course, all of this is perhaps secondary at best to the addition of Neymar Jr. The soccer susperstar and his many related challenges arrive with tomorrow’s update as the midseason (not-so-)secret character for all Season 6 Battle Pass owners.

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