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Full Game WalkthroughWalkthrough – Metroid Zero Mission

by arun809097
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Metroid Zero Mission is a remake of the original Metroid game for the GBA. In this video, we run through it grabbing what we can along the way.

01:22 Morph Ball
03:36 Long Beam
07:09 Missile Tank
12:19 Bomb
21:33 King Worm Boss
21:41 Charge Beam
22:38 Mother Brain Cutscene
27:31 Power Grip
34:55 Ice Beam
1:05:11 Acid Worm Boss
1:22:58 Kraid
1:34:22 Ridley Appears
1:42:02 High Jump
1:53:21 Varia Suit
2:21:02 Wave Beam
02:33:27 Imago Boss Fight
02:50:05 Ridley Boss Fight
02:58:05 ScrewAttack
03:10:30 Metroids Revealed
03:22:04 Mother Brain Boss Fight
03:25:28 Escape Cutscene
03:45:30 Fully Powerd Suit
03:58:04 Power Bombs
04:00:00 Mecha Ridley Boss Fight

For more, check out our full Metroid Zero Mission guide on IGN: https://www.ign.com/wikis/metroid-zero-mission

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