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Future 2 competition Of The misplaced masks manual: How much They cost And the way to Get Them

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one of the big draws all through destiny 2’s festival of the misplaced is a chance to accumulate the numerous themed masks available. More durable than their paper mache construction shall we on, after you don a masks you will begin earning candy from doing away with enemies, completing activities, and handing in bounties.

final yr’s mask have been based totally on several famous characters in destiny 2, together with the Exo Stranger, Ana Bray, and Variks, whilst this 12 months’s series appears again at current destiny records with some acquainted faces. You can discover they all at Eva Levante’s save inside the Tower.

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Your first mask, primarily based on Cryptarch master Rahool, comes with a strength stage scaled for your father or mother and can be changed like other destiny 2 armor portions to have extra electricity for any mods for your collection. Whilst you can’t apply a shader to it, you may use any saved festival of the lost mask adorns from previous years to trade its look.

For 2021, you may don the subsequent decorative headgear to celebrate the season, which all have hefty candy prices attached. At the least one among them will make you seem like a legendary monster from Konami’s Silent Hill series.

Technically that is Pyramid ship Head.


  • Eramis masks – 1,300 goodies
  • Taniks the Scarred mask – 2,six hundred goodies
  • Honk Moon mask – three,900 goodies
  • Pyramid deliver mask – 5,200 candies
  • Ada-1 masks – five,two hundred sweets
  • Sweeper Bot mask – 7,800 sweets

In total, you’ll need 26,000 sweets to find the money for the whole series. So long as you are carrying the authentic masks that Eva gave you, you’ll earn a regular movement of confectionary forex which can eventually be used to purchase the fancier headgear indexed above. Now that competition of the lost has kicked off, the freshly-patched version destiny 2 is busier than ever in the course of the trick-or-treat season.

in case you’re getting started out, you could see the way to get right of entry to the brand new Haunted Sectors in our guide, a Mara Sov Easter egg that palms out a few large rewards, and how you may get hold of the Jurassic green pulse rifle.

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