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Girl Cafe Gun: Brawl and…Brew!?

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Few video games have dared to drop us into a storyline quite like Girl Cafe Gun.

Your journey begins on Princess Island. As commander of Squad 08, you team-up with a group of anime-styled Live2D girls by collecting character cards to take down the Archdemons while running a Cafe on the side that offers decorations and distractions from the day to day of demon-slaying.

Spend some quality time with each member of Squad 08 — each with their own personality, voice, and skills suited for both the battlefield and Cafe.

A Chibi Twin-Stick Shooter

On the battlefield you play as the commander in charge of a squad of 3 with the goal of blasting the enemy away while avoiding their barrage of bullets.

But stay focused! Dodging enemy attacks with multiple characters is trickier than it sounds, since all the girls move at different speeds. You might move one girl out of the way only to have another get pelted by enemy fire. If one of your crew gets stuck behind an obstacle, she can no longer join in the assault, so keep moving and firing to avoid getting cornered.

Girl Cafe Gun features dazzling visuals that make full use of your mobile hardware. Mix and match your fighting capabilities with three characters at a time. Outwit your enemies including bosses by observing their attack patterns and adjusting your attacks and parries accordingly.

Cafe Capers

After the battle, take the squad out for some well-deserved R&R at…you guessed it! The cafe. Here’s where you switch from a battle-hardened demon slayer to the Cafe manager.

Grab a cup of coffee and collect rewards after a victory that…allow you to upgrade your Cafe, its menu, and your team member’s outfits.

Decorating your Cafe increases your shop’s comfort value and helps accelerate income and mood recovery. And don’t skimp out on furnishings! Furniture like: seats, couches, carpet, flooring, wall décor, windows, and lighting all play a part in the success of your operation.

As the action in and out of the Cafe heats up, your personal interactions with the crew have an impact on your team’s development. You can even date members of your team, though they may show varying degrees of interest in your gifts and advances.

Play it cool and don’t be weird.

Dates give you the opportunity to learn more about each member of your team and that knowledge comes in handy on the battlefield.

But also, enjoy the romance, thanks to Girl Cafe Gun’s diverse and unique bonding system.

Meet your Crew!!
Who knew that the last refuge of humanity would be so endearing! A Cafe is only as good as its crew, and thankfully, you’re in the company of the best, including:

Cornelia, who treats her weaponry as close friends. Her vast knowledge of weaponry and stoic attitude are vital on the battlefield.

Eksistere, who is the brain of the squad and an expert researcher that loves sudoku and …salmon-flavored ice cream?!

Grainne Draser, the chief medical officer of Squad 8, who loves caring for the crew and running the kitchen.

Irene White, an average teenager…who happens to be a deadly sniper. Her laidback attitude helps her get along with just about everyone.

Lida Romero, the newest member of Squad 8. While she may not have grown up like the other members of Squad 08, her street smarts keep her frosty on the battlefield.

Juno Emmons, a world class sniper and weapon specialist who always does her best.

Rococo, the candy-loving Princess of Princess Island. Though most of her elder counterparts look out for her, she is more than willing to take the lead when things get heavy.

So now that you got to know Squad 8 and cafe, head on over to Princess Island and begin your Girl Cafe Gun adventure today on Google Play and the App Store.

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