GOG’s Spring Sale kicks off with a free game for everyone

GOG’s big seasonal sale is now underway, and you know what that means.

Lorelai trailer still

I look out my window and I see snow on the ground, and so I remain unconvinced by this notion of spring having sprung. Nonetheless, the spring sales are indeed upon us: The big Steam sale (with the first-ever discount on the Steam Deck (opens in new tab)) kicked off last week, and now GOG has begun its own Spring Sale (opens in new tab), complete with daily deals and the traditional free game for everyone.

Lorelai is the concluding chapter of the Devil Came Through Here adventure game trilogy, which began in 2012 with The Cat Lady and continued through Downfall in 2016. The Cat Lady is dark and weird, but very good, and the second and third instalments fill it out nicely.

“[Downfall and Lorelai] each feature characters from The Cat Lady and really dig into what those eldritch bums the Queen of Maggots and the Crow, and some new freaky friends, are all about,” we wrote in a 2020 retrospective (opens in new tab). “There just isn’t any videogame trilogy quite like this: dark, strange, and a little rough around the edges, but above all earnest and beautiful.”

(The Cat Lady (opens in new tab) and Downfall (opens in new tab) are both available on GOG if you want to start from the beginning, but Lorelai works fine as a standalone game too.)

To get your free copy of Lorelai, just pop over to GOG (opens in new tab), scroll down the front page a bit until you see the “add to library” button, and click it. Congratulations, you now own the game.

Since we’re here, here’s the first batch of “deals of the day,” which actually appear to be running for two days, but never mind that.

Fabled Lands (opens in new tab) (44% off)GOG Kinky Bundle (opens in new tab) (66% off)GOG Adventure and Puzzle Bundle (opens in new tab) (92% off)Falcon Collection (opens in new tab) (50% off)Port Royale 4 Extended Edition (opens in new tab) (70% off)Hercule Poirot: The First Cases (opens in new tab) (60% off)Immortality (opens in new tab) (25% off)Metro Franchise Bundle (opens in new tab) (77% off)Hellish Quart (opens in new tab) (30% off)

These particular sale prices are available until Wednesday, at which point a new pack o’ deals will step in to take their place. The Lorelai freebie will be up until March 23, and last but not least, the GOG Spring Sale itself runs until April 3.

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