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Google explains the tradeoffs that led to Pixel 6’s slow charging lawsuits

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Google has spoke back to allegations that the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 pro don’t fee as speedy as a few have predicted, confirming that their charging speeds are a planned tradeoff for higher battery life. It follows a record from Android Authority which located that the phones’ maximum energy draw changed into round 22W, well quick of the 30W that Google’s modern USB-C charging brick is technically able to.

Writing in a community guide publish, a spokesperson for Google confirmed that the most strength draw of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 seasoned are 21W and 23W respectively whilst used with its 30W USB-C charging brick. They introduced that charging speeds additionally lower because the phones’ batteries refill to maintain their toughness.

in their put up, they notice that these figures are the inevitable outcomes of battery tradeoffs. “A battery may be designed for high energy density, or for instant charging energy capability, which requires trading off potential to reduce battery degradation,” says the spokesperson. In different words, a cellphone can provide lengthy battery existence, or rapid charging, however it could’t do both at the equal time. So, Google prioritized an extended battery life and designed the phones to attract a more modest quantity of strength when charging.

This tracks with what we observed in our evaluation of the 2 telephones:

”Even in case you do use a effective enough charger, neither telephone prices specially quickly. Google aggressively slows down charging once it’s past eighty percentage to maintain the battery cells’ toughness, and when you consider that those batteries are so large, attending to a complete fee can take a long term. Fortunately, way to the lengthy battery existence, you will possibly only have to fee when you’re drowsing anyway.”

although Google’s assist documents never explicitly country the charging speeds of the brand new telephones, their compatibility with Google’s 30W charging brick (bought one at a time) became taken by using many to intend that their real-global maximum charging speeds could technique the 30W level, and might be a long way quicker than the 18W charging supported by way of the Pixel five. But in fact, Android Authority’s report observed that the actual strength draw of each phones peaks at 22W and averages around 13W over the course of a full cycle.

The effect of that is that the phones rate a ways slower than you may expect, with Android Authority locating that the Pixel 6 seasoned takes almost hours to reach a complete charge. That’s forty nine mins slower than Samsung’s Galaxy S21 ultra, which has a in addition-sized battery however is best advertised with 25W speedy charging speeds. In truth, Google’s electricity draw is so conservative that its 30W charger simplest absolutely costs a Pixel 6 pro 10 minutes quicker than its vintage 18W charger.

Google in no way claimed that the telephones charge at 30W. Alternatively, it marketed the quantity of time it takes to get from zero to 50 and 80 percentage whilst charged the usage of its 30W charger — half-hour and around an hour, respectively. That is consistent with what Android Authority determined in its checks.

as well as charging speeds, Google additionally recently clarified that the reputedly sluggish performance of the phones’ fingerprint scanner is because of their “better safety algorithms.” It later launched an replace containing “a few fingerprint sensor overall performance upgrades,” even though the enhancements it added appeared to be minimum in exercise.

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