Grand Theft Auto V v1.0.2802 (1.64) (+20 Trainer) [FutureX]

Grand Theft Auto V v1.0.2802 (1.64) (+20 Trainer) [FutureX]

Text file description: 

Trainer options
HOME Active Trainer
Ctrl+Numpad1 Infinite Health
Ctrl+Numpad2 Infinite Stamina
Ctrl+Numpad3 Infinite Oxygen
Ctrl+Numpad4 Infinite Ammo
Ctrl+Numpad5 No Reload
Ctrl+Numpad6 Player: Super Speed
Ctrl+Numpad7 Player: Super Jump
Ctrl+Numpad8 Player: Super Swim
Ctrl+Numpad9 Player: No Wanted
Ctrl+Numpad0 Vehicle: No Damage/Infinite Health
Ctrl+Number1 Time of day: Speed-Up
Ctrl+Number2 Time of day: Stop
Ctrl+Number3 World: Change Weather
Ctrl+Number4 Infinite Money
Ctrl+Number5 Infinite Special Ability
Ctrl+Number6 World: Crazy Vehicles
Ctrl+Number7 Game: Super Speed
Ctrl+Number8 Game: Slow Motion
F10 Save Location
F11 Teleport
F12 Undo Teleport
Delete Waypoint

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