Halo Fan Shares A Very Wholesome Story About Meeting Multiplayer Announcer Jeff Steitzer
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Halo Fan Shares A Very Wholesome Story About Meeting Multiplayer Announcer Jeff Steitzer

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A Hello fan has shared a great story about a chance meeting with Hello multiplayer announcer Jeff Stitzer. Posting on Reddit, the AlgaeEater user stated that he accidentally bumped into Steitzer in public while shopping, although at first he wasn’t sure if it was because he was wearing a mask.

AlgaeEater thought he looked familiar, but didn’t think much of it later, when Steitzer went to the same AlgaeEater store. At the sound of the Stetzer, AlgaeEater pulled it out again – it really was the Stetzer. They exchanged words and Steezer asked if AlgaeEater Infinite was playing, but in an attempt to replace Steitzer, AlgaeEater left after telling Steitzer how well he was doing in Halo.

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But the story does not end there. Steitzer met AlgaeEater at the end of the day and had a conversation, and Steitzer also narrated some of the epic lines for which he is known.

“I walked out of the store and I got a seat for dinner. My friend who was still in the store came back about 10 minutes later and said, ‘Hey that guy wants you back, he wants to see you. Wants! ‘ So he literally waited for me at the store and we talked about hello. , “Said AlgaeEater.

“I was shocked. He asked how I recognized him because people don’t really see his face, and I’ve been playing hello for so long. It’s clear he likes to be a part of his fans’ childhood.” Then he went on to say ‘double hit’ and ‘incredible’, which was amazing.

AlgaeEater said he was impressed with Steitzer and seemed to really enjoy connecting with fans, talking to them and hearing their own personal stories about Halo.

“A lot of people like to know her. Then we got a picture, and I wished her a great day,” Said while choosing.

Steitzer has been the Halo Multiplayer voice announcer for over 20 years, and recently returned to Halo Infinite’s Arena Modes. Her voice is missing from the Big Team Battle, but it will come in a later update. Right now, BTB is facing a lot of problems, but with the 343 team returning from the holiday break, the studio is working on a solution.

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