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Halo Infinite Player Beats Game On Legendary Without Ever Shooting A Gun

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Since the original Hello hit the shelves back in 2001, the series has been synonymous with the genre of first-person shooter, which raises a very interesting question: How will Hello be? Without All the fanatical firefights and miscellaneous guns? Turns out, the answer is still “fun like hell.”

Earlier this month, a Hello Speed ​​Runner named Tom shared a high-light rail on his YouTube channel, Simple & Silk, showing him how to make Hello Infinite the biggest difficulty of the game without firing a single shot. Is defeating While it took Tom about four hours to complete the entire campaign, he managed to wrap up the experience in an impressive half-hour long video, full of jaw-dropping moments.

So, how did he do it? Lots of energy swords, gravity hammers, grapple shots, and energy coils. Tom also allowed himself to use mistakes as long as they were inherent in the game, meaning there weren’t any mood swings. Much of his technique for defeating the game depended on using the game’s gripple shot capability to connect the game’s explosive coils, allowing it to propel itself over long distances and out of enemy encounters. Could have survived At one point, Tom even managed to hijack a pelican, which eventually allowed him to leave almost half the game.

According to Kotaku, the outlet that actually reported Tom’s spectacular success initially intended to “carry the pistol to the end” and stopped carrying the game’s powerful tumultuous weapons. However, due to the extreme difficulty and the nature of some of the game owners, this eventually proved to be impossible.

Throughout his race, Tom says he has died almost 100 times, 50 of them during the game’s final boss. Even so, he still managed to finish the game without his gun in less than four hours. While this may sound like lightning speed, Tom says he is really proud of the even more impressive time to beat the game: 37 minutes and 46 seconds. At about half the current record time of defeating Halo Infinite – one hour and four minutes – Tom could possibly set a record if the video of the run is submitted to the official record keepers. However, Tom unfortunately failed to get the footage of the run, his last screenshot being the only proof of his success.

After racing without his gun, Tom says his next self-made challenge is a “just punch” playthrough with all skulls (troubleshooters).

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