Halo Infinite Players Call On 343 To Drop Forced Cross Play
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Halo Infinite Players Call On 343 To Drop Forced Cross Play

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Halo Infinite players on Xbox are demanding that Microsoft get rid of the forced crossplay with PC players. Crossplay is a great feature for people to play together on different platforms, but recently Xbox players have found themselves frustrated because they don’t want to play with cheaters on PC.

Since the Hello Infinite multiplayer relaunched in November, players have reported fraud through PC players. As a result, they’re constantly asking for the option to toggle crossplay so that people on Xbox can more easily avoid PC players.

343 Industries has initially acknowledged the proliferation of fraudsters, with community manager John Joneszic saying that due to the free-to-play nature of Hello Infinite, there will always be fraudsters. However, the studio is actively looking for ways to counter them. Yesterday, 343 announced that it would release an update in February to address the issue of fraud.

One solution suggested by one person was to go into Xbox console settings to disable crossplay. Unfortunately, this only makes it impossible for players to match people outside of Xbox Live, including Nintendo and PlayStation players. In the case of Halo Infinite, both Steam and PC Game Pass use Xbox Live accounts, thus still combining Xbox players with PC ones.

Meanwhile, players will have to wait and see what further action is going to be taken against 343 fraudsters.

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