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Halo: The grasp chief collection Season 8 “Mythic” Drops nowadays, full Patch Notes

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Halo: The grasp chief collection Season 8–known as Mythic–has long gone stay, and with it comes a big set of additives, updates, computer virus fixes, and more.

The marquee addition to Season eight is the addition of Halo: fight advanced and Halo three to the custom game Browser, giving individuals who like developing their personal Halo reviews plenty more to play around with.

100 new ranges of customization alternatives are coming to Halo three as nicely, together with armor, returned add-ons, visors, and customization alternatives for guns and vehicles. These armors are stimulated by means of pieces from Greek, Norse, and medieval ecu records–a chief trade from previous armor set services. You may attempt your newly customized armor on Icebox, a map for Halo three that is a reimagining of Halo 2’s Turf.

different high-quality improvements consist of graphical and audio fixes for most of the video games offered in the master chief collection, as well as new color blindness options in the Accessibility menu and new golden moa statues in Halo 3 in particular that tie to positive challenges. The total patch notes are posted underneath.

HALO: THE grasp leader series SEASON 8 PATCH NOTES

installation size by using PLATFORM

  • Steam: max size of 19.6 GB
  • Microsoft shop and Xbox sport bypass for computer: max length of 36.2 GB
  • Xbox consoles: max length of 37.3 GB


Season 8, “MYTHIC,” introduces new customization content for MCC, along with items for Halo three and Halo: reach:

  • New Halo three armor
  • New Halo 3 again accessories
  • New Halo three techsuits
  • New Halo three animated visors
  • New Halo 3 weapon customizations
  • New Halo 3 vehicle customizations
  • New Halo: attain armor
  • New lively and static nameplates


a new map for Halo three area modes, “Icebox,” is now to be had in matchmaking and custom games. Icebox is a reimagining of the multiplayer map “Turf” from Halo 2.

custom sport BROWSER assist FOR HALO: fight developed AND HALO three

The custom game Browser (CGB) has been advanced to include Halo: combat evolved and Halo 3, in addition to updates to filters, search alternatives, and updates to the Create, Browse, and search pages.


Halo three: ODST Firefight has been updated with deeper customization alternatives and absolutely new settings:

  • per-wave customization alternatives which includes skulls, dropships, map hazards, bonus rounds, and enemy squad kinds.
  • several new squad sorts which includes Jackal Snipers, Brutes handiest, Drones most effective, and Hunters only.
  • Squads with the Sentinel enemy kind, new to ODST Firefight.

extra CUSTOMIZATION choice IN HALO: attain AND HALO four

  • Halo: attain and Halo four now have the capability to pick out frame kind and voice separately, and Halo: reach’s customization menu now includes a Firefight Voice preview.

UPDATES TO VIEW model OFFSETS FOR weapons across ALL MCC video games

View version Offset settings are actually available within the Settings underneath Gameplay. They may be set by way of weapon class and are available for all video games within Halo: The master leader collection.

changes to how view version offsets seem in-sport had been made in reaction to community remarks. You could study extra about the implementation of View model Offsets in this weekly MCC development and Flighting replace.

campaign COLLECTIBLES within the HALO 3 marketing campaign

Golden moa statues have started performing in Halo three missions in locations that trade each week. These may be collected via capturing them and are tied to challenges.

marketing campaign CUSTOMIZATIONS

Halo: fight evolved and Halo 3 now support vehicle and weapon customizations for the duration of missions if this selection is toggled on within the marketing campaign mission alternatives.

ACCESSIBILITY enhancements

New accessibility alternatives encompass all-new colour blindness settings.

HALO: fight evolved HEADS-UP display (HUD) options

For Halo: combat advanced, the heads-up show (HUD) can now be toggled among the classic or remastered HUD, and scaled manually or mechanically for your show’s decision with the car HUD Scale putting.

HALO: combat developed AND HALO 2 traditional GAMMA SLIDERS

For Halo: combat developed and Halo 2 traditional, the Gamma settings for traditional and remastered campaign visuals are actually separate settings. This allows visuals even closer to the authentic video games.


Scoreboards throughout and after a fit now include the potential to document a participant.


Steam bills can now be linked to Xbox debts in the player profile menu while gambling on Steam. This populates the friends listing with Steam buddies.

pc report SHARING

laptop players can now store or add solid map and sport variant files from their latest custom video games. A brand new “report percentage consider stage” has been introduced in Settings underneath “Gameplay.” it’s miles set to “legitimate” by using default but can be switched to “pals” or “every person.”

RESOLVED troubles

Many enhancements come from Halo Insiders feedback and Halo assist tickets submitted by our network. Thanks for taking part and please hold filing tickets! Here are the numerous fixes on this update:


  • photos
    • Customization menu previews not show graphical glitching on sure items on “unique” or “overall performance” portraits settings.
    • The LG OnScreen control app on laptop with an LG display show now not causes performance drops and hitches.
    • at the same time as adjusting discipline of View (FOV) settings, the historical past preview photo is no longer blurred, and adjusts in actual-time to changing the FOV placing.
  • custom game Browser
    • trendy
      • trying to join a full sport consultation now offers a “ready to join” communicate and will join the session the following time a slot becomes to be had, instead of once in a while attempting to join and failing.
      • gamers can now be a part of or invite their friends with custom sport Browser fits.
      • gamers who have received a server ban will now get hold of an errors permitting them to recognise they’re banned when trying unsuccessfully to host a custom recreation Browser consultation.
      • a new group converting choice, “auto,” rebalances sessions to save you fits from beginning with an imbalanced variety of players on every team.
      • The submit-sport Carnage file will not every so often display gamers with the default emblem or provider id in place of those they selected.
      • Longer sport version descriptions in non-English languages now suit in the game variant Description field.
      • On Xbox, the loading display while becoming a member of a custom recreation Browser consultation now not sparkles in brief.
      • inside the session details menu, the record sport function now activates gamers to choose a class to record.
      • On mouse & keyboard, right-clicking whilst hovering over periods inside the Browse menu no longer suggests a small drag cursor.
      • After leaving the upload version menu, leaving the Create menu not requires pressing again two times.
      • whilst viewing consultation info, the spacing of statistics inside the session info field has been increased.
      • in the Create menu, session names and preferences now carry over among sport launches regardless of whether a suit turned into created.
      • players with older custom recreation Browser facts who upload three editions in the Halo: reach Create menu not lose the facts for the third variation whilst restarting the game.
    • Browse menu
      • After retreating of a session information menu, random sessions will now not appear as if selected.
      • whilst scrolling at the bottom of the list, 1/2 a page of consequences will now load rather than periods loading one at a time.
      • participant rely in every sport session will now be correct even after refreshing.
      • sport consultation titles that might fit in the area provided are not reduce off with the aid of ellipses.
      • swiftly pressing the session info button now not calls for urgent the again button the equal quantity of times to exit the session details menu.
      • Sorting by means of players (Descending) now shows complete sessions at the top of the listing.
      • at the same time as using a mouse & keyboard, scrolling the listing of sport sessions at the same time as a consultation this is partially out of view is chosen not reasons the listing to scroll abruptly or unpredictably.
      • game classes that use a couple of map now say “(+X)” in preference to “(+X in rotation)” in the Map column.
      • game periods that use handiest one map not display with “(+0 in rotation)” introduced to the map call within the Map column.
      • the selected type approach is now remembered after viewing session details and returning to the Browse menu.
      • a hallmark now enables clarify that the participant column is the default kind option.
      • The spotlight that shows the cutting-edge menu choice not disappears totally after having access to the Roster, starting the Chat window, or transferring the highlight awareness to the proper.
    • Forge
      • The “keep” widget now nicely seems at the Forge pause menu without requiring the participant to apply “shop As” once first.
    • laptop
      • changing window mode with the F11 key now not reverts Gamma settings to defaults.

HALO: fight advanced

  • snap shots
    • Restarting the game no longer causes the customization preview inside the Customization menu to reveal default options.
    • Framerate has been progressed for the marketing campaign undertaking “Halo” while jogging with Remastered visuals.
    • Cortana’s face animations now appear well in Remastered visuals.
    • The lights in the 343 guilty Spark cinematic in classic visuals is now regular with the unique game launch.
    • The goal distance and elevation measurements at the Sniper Rifle zoom are actually aligned properly and constant with the original launch.
    • On computer, the 2x zoom HUD element on the Magnum and Rocket Launcher now not appear too close to the reticle.
    • The very last cinematic now has movement blur consequences to be constant with the unique Halo: fight developed release.
    • After enhancing images settings, a thin line no longer seems within the backside and proper edges of the display.
  • Audio
    • In campaign with traditional audio, the reverb on song and communicate is now regular with the original sport release.
    • In marketing campaign with Remastered audio, assault Rifle capturing audio can no longer end up muffled or absolutely silent close to the end of a clip.
    • In classic audio, various audio outcomes like weapon fireplace and grenade explosions are no longer barely pitched down compared to the authentic game.
    • In traditional audio, the first tune song that performs after the outlet Cinematic of the campaign no longer has audio popping sounds.
    • in the campaign project 343 responsible Spark, the Pelican radio/Covenant radio crate ambient audio no longer turns into quieter abruptly after shifting a certain distance away.
    • whilst the supply of a legitimate will become blocked in the back of an object, it now not turns into quieter abruptly.
    • on the Multiplayer maps conflict Creek, Infinity, and Gephyrophobia, the reverb level on audio has been reduced to be steady with the original Halo: fight developed release.
  • Achievements
    • The “Madrigal Debut” success now unlocks as predicted when activating the associated hidden soundtrack cue.


  • campaign
    • inside the venture “The extremely good journey,” the Wraith close to the end of the assignment not spawns upside down.
    • In classic visuals, cinematics now properly crossfade whilst transitioning to the next scene.
    • in the venture “uprising,” the Zealot Elite reinforcements that drop in to assist the player will now observe the player thru indoor areas.
    • picking up a skull now shows the cranium’s name within the top left of the HUD to be constant with the authentic Halo 2 launch.
    • in the missions “Armory” and “Cairo Station,” the mission audio now happens at the proper instances, regular with the original Halo 2 launch.
    • The participant reticle is now not lacking for the duration of the look educational within the Armory.
  • Gameplay
    • Ghosts now animate their self-destruct rather than most effective gambling audio and an explosion, to be steady with the original Halo 2 release.
    • In Halo 2 classic Multiplayer gameplay, falling from a notable top not reasons fall damage, constant with the authentic Halo 2 release.
  • portraits – traditional visible Updates
    • On snow maps just like the campaign undertaking “Sacred Icon” and “Quarantine zone” or the multiplayer map “Lockout,” there’s now a falling snow climate impact, steady with the original Halo 2 launch.
    • On maps with rain like “Backwash” and “Warlock” or the marketing campaign venture “The splendid journey,” the rain is now greater sizeable, regular with the authentic Halo 2 launch.
    • on the marketing campaign missions “The Arbiter” and “The Oracle,” the wind colour has been lightened and storm density increased to be steady with the original Halo 2 release.
    • lights emitted through enemies in campaign now not display thru a few solid objects briefly whilst the enemy moves out of view.
    • On positive Nvidia GPUs and in classic visuals, foliage is no longer missing from areas with flowers throughout marketing campaign and Multiplayer.
    • Bloom outcomes in cutscenes are actually greater significant and constant with the original Halo 2 release.
    • The “bump mapping” darkish outlines on items like bushes and Forerunner generation were decreased to be steady with the unique Halo 2 release.
    • The Halo 2 Multiplayer map Gemini now has dynamic fog and lighting to be regular with the original Halo 2 launch.
    • The sun now renders nicely on any multiplayer map or marketing campaign undertaking wherein the sun is present.
    • The water on several maps has been darkened to be steady with the original Halo 2 launch.
    • whilst marines and Johnson combat along the player, they now not have armor clipping troubles on their head, arms, or chest.
    • The Prophets no longer have graphical glitching on their chairs or clothing for the duration of cutscenes.
    • lighting fixtures emitted by using armor on Elites in multiplayer fits not display via a few strong gadgets.
    • The jet propulsion on Pelicans is now brighter and extra seen to be steady with the unique Halo 2 launch.
    • In campaign and multiplayer, the model for the SMG now adjusts whilst searching up or down and no longer twin wielding.
    • object shadows at some point of the campaign and cinematics now appear nicely.

HALO three

  • portraits
    • Resizing the sport window for the duration of gameplay not reasons bloom lighting fixtures to spread out and flicker in resolutions above 1080p.
    • In an 8-participant loose-for-all sport, backpack hues now appreciate the number one colour chosen for the participant’s armor customization.
    • In seize the Flag, the flag color now not modifications to the group shade of the carrier after being picked up.
  • Customizations
    • Tertiary colorations for Elites now not disappear while the new Skins in Halo three toggle is set to Disabled.
    • Elite neck fashions now not show seams and mismatched techsuit textures when Legacy helmets are equipped and the new Skins in Halo three toggle is about to Disabled.
    • back decals on Elite lower back armor no longer disappear while the new Skins in Halo three toggle is set to Disabled.
    • emblems no longer disappear if the MARK VI or non-Legacy shoulder armors are prepared and the new Skins in Halo 3 toggle is set to Disabled.
  • Multiplayer
    • all through gameplay in suits concerning big organizations of players (8+), gamertags not now and again seem over the wrong participant.
    • eliminated a legacy make the most concerning players being wrongly flagged for betrayals and eliminated from the sport.
  • Multiplayer Maps
    • Waterfall
      • tremendous framerate and overall performance enhancements were made to several regions of Waterfall.
    • edge
      • There are actually Sentinels flying round in the Forerunner pillar room as supposed.
      • The small bumps at the ramps close to the middle of the map and in a few hallway access and go out factors have been eliminated.
      • removed an exploit that concerned leaping behind the pillars at the crimson and Blue bases.
      • removed an make the most that worried reaching the pinnacle of the entrance in the areas above the orange lifts.
  • Forge
    • Smaller objects set to fixed or phased physics not behave like they’re set to ordinary physics when playing online.
    • on the map Sandbox, items now not rapidly flicker while viewed from sure angles.


  • Firefight
    • it’s miles not viable to apply rockets to get a Phantom stuck and be unable to progress.
    • pleasant voice lines now play as anticipated for all gamers, not simply the host.

HALO: reach

  • images
    • On some Halo: attain missions, shadow strains not appear on the floor while regarded from sure angles.
    • On Nvidia GPUs, vertical strains not seem on partitions to the left of the player whilst considered from certain angles.
  • Firefight
    • Halo: attain Firefight mode now tracks stats correctly, earning progress in the direction of demanding situations and Achievements.
    • The submit-recreation Carnage record will now not display that the match issue turned into everyday when the fit problem changed into in reality Heroic.
  • custom game Browser
    • gambling a couple of custom sport Browser games again-to-again now not reasons sure textures to show black for the relaxation of the sport.
  • Forge
    • On Halo: reach map versions created in Forge, gadgets now not rapidly flicker while considered from certain angles.

HALO four

  • images
    • The lighting fixtures inside the very last cutscene of the “Reclaimer” outro cinematic is now the best brightness.
  • Spartan Ops
    • The Spartan Ops movies audio are actually completely localized to supported languages.
    • Spartan Ops chapter 6-1 now hundreds although Halo four multiplayer is uninstalled.
  • Forge
    • in the course of Forge gameplay on mouse & keyboard, the trade Loadout menu is no longer constantly certain to the spacebar.
    • while using an Xbox controller, hovering over an object and holding Down at the D-pad will now effectively reproduction the object.


  • when community is ready to LAN or Offline, buttons for sport modes that require matchmaking (Social video games, competitive video games, and Firefight Matchmaking) at the moment are greyed out.
  • The Roster tab now marks the leader of the sport session with an icon in all game types.
  • Failing to sign up for every other player because of one of the gamers no longer following the alternative now outcomes in a greater beneficial errors message.
  • Mousing over the ellipsis menu button on a textual content chat message not moves that message to the center of the chat window.
  • In custom sport Browser suits, the loading screen among subsequent matches now includes the consultation’s server vicinity info.
  • The Customization menus for Halo three, Halo: attain, and Halo 4 now list the Visor category after the Helmet category in place of being close to the lowest of the list.
  • The Customization menu’s lively history now continually shows the weapon and armor background that become in use previously, in preference to on occasion showing the main menu lively historical past.
  • whilst loading right into a multiplayer game of Halo: fight evolved, the loading bar will now properly healthy loading progress in preference to simplest partly filling.
  • The “Fish Stick” manipulate scheme from the original release of Halo four is now available as an choice in the Button layout settings.
  • On Xbox, the digital keyboard that opens whilst reporting a participant now not uses the debug textual content “$REPORT_PLAYER.”

document percentage

  • brief documents generated after playing a Multiplayer or Firefight in shape now show their real report length instead of the most allowed file size.


  • The Narrator feature now not provides “custom” after studying consultation records on the Browse menu within the custom game Browser.


  • There have been fixes and upgrades to the mod tools for Halo: The grasp leader series on Steamworks. To learn greater about the Steam mod tools and talk them, go to the mod boards on Steam.

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