Here’s when Company of Heroes 3 unlocks in your time zone

World War 2 kicks off again soon.

Company of Heroes 3

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Relic and Sega are poised to kick open the doors to World War 2 again today with the arrival of Company of Heroes 3 (opens in new tab). Preloading has already started, so if you’ve already done that all you’ll need to do is wait just a wee while longer. In the meantime, you can find out when it unlocks in your time zone below. 

When does Company of Heroes 3 unlock?

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Company of Heroes 3 unlocks on Thursday, February 23, at 10 am PST and Friday, February 24, at 5 am AEDT, but you can get all set in advance by preloading it, which you can do right now. Here’s what the unlock time is in different regions:

GMT: 6 pm, February 23CET: 7 pm, February 23PST: 10 am, February 23EST: 1 pm, February 23BRT: 3 pm, February 23GST: 10 pm, February 23SAST: 8 pm, February 23AEDT: 5 am, February 24CST: 2 am, February 24KST: 3 am, February 24

Company of Heroes 3 is exclusive to Steam on PC at the moment, and Sega doesn’t have any plans to release it on services like Game Pass at this time. It will, however, eventually be making its way to Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 later this year. 

My Company of Heroes 3 review (opens in new tab) went up earlier this week, where I gave it a very respectable 82. The dynamic turn-based campaign that I was so looking forward to ended up being anything but dynamic, and ultimately quite disappointing, but it still contained some great ideas and, more importantly, the RTS layer is spectacular. 

Ultimately I reckon that’s what most of the series’ fans will be interested in, and in that case they’ll be served well. The bespoke missions in both the Italian and linear North African campaigns are some of the best RTS brawls I’ve experienced, and the skirmishes are consistently impressive thanks to the tactically interesting maps and the wide range of toys you get to play with across the various factions.

Company of Heroes 3 also launches with 14 maps for multiplayer and comp stomps, as we can expect to see more maps appear soon courtesy of modders. So get it preloaded and start blowing up some tanks and demolishing buildings in sleepy Italian towns later today. 

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