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Here’s When Tilted Towers Is Coming To Fortnite Chapter 3

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We are now well into Fortnite Chapter 3, with the challenges of Season 1 Week 5 ready to be tackled this week. But many fans are still asking the all-important question: When is Tilted Towers coming back? The beloved drop zone is unparalleled in Fortnite’s illustrious history, and many have noticed that the giant ice blocks that currently sit at the center of the map are positioned in such a way as to reveal a great secret beneath the ice: Tilted Towers is coming. back . Here’s what we know about the specific return date.

Fortnite Tilted Towers

The named location has not yet been officially named by Epic Games, but we know from data miners that the location is 100% returning this season. Actually, it should be this month already. According to Hypex, the world’s premier Fortnite hottie, snow will begin to melt across the island this week.

In eight phases, the new Fortnite island will go from a winter wonderland to much greener pastures. Along the way, Tilted Towers will be excavated and eventually added back to the map as a named location with loot and new sights to see. This puts the return of Tilted Towers sometime this month, likely on a Tuesday morning just after a routine content update.

Depending on how quickly the island thaws out, that should get the Tilted Towers resurrection on track for about January 18, or maybe a week later on January 25. The island is slated to be completely without a single snowflake by February, so no doubt Tilted Towers will be back just as soon.

The return of Tilted Towers is something that Epic has often teased, often including in official promo art since its disappearance in Chapter 1 of Fortnite. Now that we know it’s coming back, the question becomes whether Epic’s servers can withstand the rush of players likely to flood the game once the location becomes available.

We’ve already seen the developer resort to a queuing system twice during Chapter 3 Season 1, including the massive launch day and during Winterfest, plus the arrival of Spider-Man’s Web Shooters caused the game to crash briefly in December. Can Fortnite’s servers survive the return of Tilted Towers? We will know later this month.

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