Here’s where to find every Dragon Glyph in WoW: Dragonflight

You can spend these glyphs on dragonriding talents.

WoW Dragon Glyphs - the character is sitting on a dragonriding mount and a dragon glyph hovers in the air above them
Discover the Dragon Isles

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WoW Dragon Glyphs can be found throughout the Dragon Isles in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. These collectibles allow you to unlock dragonriding (opens in new tab) talents so you can perform impressive aerial manoeuvres or simply stay in the skies for longer periods. You’ve likely already picked up all the glyphs from the major zones in the Dragon Isles, but the 10.0.7 patch opens up The Forbidden Reach to all races, and there are new Dragon Glyphs to collect in the “new” zone.

You need to take to the skies to pick up these Dragon Glyphs as they’re often high in the air or otherwise unreachable without the aid of your mount. If you’re ready to continue powering up your flight, here’s where to find every Dragon Glyph in Dragonflight, including The Forbidden Reach.

WoW Dragon Glyphs: How to unlock dragonriding talents 

You will unlock your dragonriding skill—and gain your first dragonriding mount—once you progress the story quest a little way in The Waking Shores. Soon after, you’re sent to Skytop Observatory where you will be introduced to dragon customisation. 

At this point, you should pick up the quest Dragon Glyphs and You where you need to grab the nearby Dragon Glyph. Once you hand in this quest to Lithragosa, the dragonriding trainer, you’ll gain access to the talent tree where you can spend your Dragon Glyphs to improve your dragonriding.

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All Dragon Glyph locations 

Dragon Glyphs are scattered throughout the Dragon Isles but it makes sense to prioritise them. Spending these glyphs on dragonriding talents early on means you’ll have a much easier time getting around.

Here are the locations of every Dragon Glyph, broken down by zone. 

The Forbidden Reach

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The Forbidden Reach Dragon Glyph locations

Northwind Point: The far side of the island, floating at the top of a broken tower.Caldera of the Menders: Inside the top of the broken tower to the right of the entrance.Fragstone Vault: Inside the large dome of the tower.Dragonskull Island: Hovering above the ground, next to a tree.Stormsunder Mountain: Hovering behind one of the lower peaks.Talonlord’s Perch: Inside the top of the tower.War Creche: Hovering near the ground.Talon’s Watch: Inside the base of the broken tower.

The Waking Shores

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The Waking Shores Dragon Glyph locations

Skytop Observatory Rostrum: In the air to the left of the Rostrum of Transformation. Part of the “Dragon Glyphs and You” quest. Skytop Observatory Tower: On top of the tower on the eastern edge of the camp.Dragonheart Outpost: Hovering inside the top of a broken tower.Wingrest Embassy: On top of a broken tower.Scalecracker Peak: Hovering above a high peak.Crumbling Life Archway: Underneath the arch of the bridge.Flashfrost Enclave: Hovering above a grassy land bridge formation between two towers. Ruby Life Pools: At the top of a rock formation.Overflowing Spring: Floating above a large, pointed rock.Obsidian Bulwark: At the top of a rock pillar.Obsidian Throne: Above a lava “waterfall” in the northwest corner.Life-Binder Observatory: Above the roof of the high tower.

Ohn’ahran Plains

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Ohn’ahran Plains Dragon Glyph locations

Rusza’thar Reach: Above a tower sitting at the top of a rock formation.Dragonsprings Summit: Beneath a stone platform between two narrow waterfalls.Ohn’iri Springs: High in the air.Windsong Rise: In the air, quite high above the hill.Ohn’ahra’s Roost: At the top of the big bird statue.Mirror of the Sky: Another one high in the air.Szar Skeleth: At the top of a broken tower.The Eternal Kurgans: In the air between the two pointed rock formations.Emerald Gardens: Hovering above the top of a waterfall.Nokhudon Hold: Above a tall peak.Rubyscale Outpost: Floating above a road that leads to the Waking Shores.Mirewood Fen: High in the air next to the top of a tall tree.


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Thaldraszus Dragon Glyph locations

Veiled Ossuary: Inside the top of the tower.Algeth’ar Academy: Inside the roof of the tower.Vault of the Incarnates: Above a lava pool to the left of the raid entrance.Thaldraszus Apex: At the very top of the mountain. This one might be best to get last as you’ll need a lot of Vigor.Temporal Conflux: Inside the top of a tower to the east of the main building.Tyrhold: On a high rock formation next to the tower.Algeth’era: Hovering above the roof of the tower.Gelikyr Overlook: Floating above the bridge.Passage of Time: High above the road.Valdrakken: At the top of the peak of the Seat of the Aspects.Stormshroud Peak: At the top of the mountain.South Hold Gate: Inside the top of the smaller of the two towers.

The Azure Span

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The Azure Span Dragon Glyph locations

Brackenhide Hollow: Hovering in the air above one of the tall trees.Drake Eye’s Pond: Hovering above a broken tower.Creektooth Den: Floating above the top of a large broken tree trunk.Forkriver Crossing: High above the road.Azure Archive: Inside one of the smaller towers surrounding the main archive.Cobalt Assembly: Hovering above the roof of the tower.Zelthrak Outpost: Next to the trunk of a tall tree, close to the tower.Imbu: At the top of a waterfall.Ruins of Karnthar: Inside the broken tower.The Lost Ruins: At the top of the tower, inside.Kalthraz Fortress: Inside the broken roof of the tower.Vakthros Summit: Floating above the roof of the large tower

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