How to get a Crystal Tuning Fork in WoW Dragonflight

This item summons a rare enemy in the Forbidden Reach.

WoW Crystal Fork - a shadow priest looks across Morqut Village in The Forbidden Reach

If you’ve picked up a Crystal Fork while exploring The Forbidden Reach in World of Warcraft, you might be wondering how you got it and what it’s used for. The tooltip reveals that it’s a crafting reagent and that it’s used by jewelcrafters, but it doesn’t explain what it’s purpose is.

Now that the Dragonflight 10.0.7 update is here, all classes can venture to The Forbidden Reach, collect new Dragon Glyphs (opens in new tab), and explore the Zskera Vault (opens in new tab). While this patch isn’t as big as the upcoming WoW 10.1 update (opens in new tab) and the start of Dragonflight Season 2, there’s still more than enough to keep you busy. With that in mind, here’s what you need to know about the WoW Crystal Fork. 

WoW Crystal Fork: What it is used for 

Image 1 of 2WoW Crystal ForkCave entrances. (Image credit: Blizzard)WoW Crystal ForkResonant Crystal. (Image credit: Blizzard)

The Crystal Fork is used by jewelcrafters to craft a Crystal Tuning Fork. This item is then used to summon the rare enemy, Amephyst, in The Forbidden Reach. 

To summon Amephyst, you need to use the Crystal Tuning Fork on a Resonant Crystal, which can be found in one of three possible locations. All are inside caves, and I’ve marked these locations on the map above. Once there, look for a blue crystal—I’ve included a screenshot of that too. If not, try one of the other locations.

Once summoned, anyone can tag and kill this enemy, so you don’t need to have the item in order to defeat and loot it.

Where to get a WoW Crystal Fork 

A Crystal Fork is a crafting reagent for jewelcrafters, though players with different professions can loot it. It has a very low drop rate from enemies in The Forbidden Reach, though it’s unclear at this point whether they can drop from any mob. If you want to farm the item, both the Arcane Revenant and Spellsworn Crechebound enemies have been confirmed to drop the Crystal Fork item—according to Wowhead (opens in new tab). 

How to turn the Crystal Fork into a Crystal Tuning Fork 

The Crystal Tuning Fork jewelcrafting recipe. (Image credit: Blizzard)

If you have the jewelcrafting profession and you’ve snagged yourself a Crystal Fork, you can craft a Crystal Tuning Fork easily enough. First though, you’ll need to buy the jewelcrafting recipe from Trader Hag’arth at Morqut Village in The Forbidden Reach.

If you’re not a jewelcrafter, you might be tempted to throw any away if you don’t have the profession—the item is bind-on-pick-up, so you can’t send it to alts or friends that have jewelcrafting. All is not lost though: you can submit a crafting order in Valdrakken and have someone else make the Crystal Tuning Fork for you. 

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