How to get Spinels in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Trade these precious gemstones for gear and items.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Spinels - The Merchant

Resident Evil 4 Remake Spinels are a special currency that can be traded with the merchant for treasure, items, and even a variety of fancy new handguns. Unlike the original version of the game where you could find Spinels inside lanterns or shoot them off of cave ceilings, you can only get these jewels in a few specific ways.

This means that they’re a limited currency, which makes choosing  whatever weapon or item you want to trade them for even more important. Here, I’ll walk you through how to get Spinels for yourself, trade them for special items, and I’ve also added a full list of Spinel store items you can exchange for so you can spend your treasure wisely.

How to get Spinels 

Image 1 of 2Resident Evil 4 Remake Spinels - Blue Request posterCompleting blue requests will earn you Spinels (Image credit: Capcom)Resident Evil 4 Remake Spinels - Getting a blue request rewardHand the request back to the Merchant once done to get your reward (Image credit: Capcom)

While you can find the odd Spinel as treasure out in the world or as a one-time drop from specific enemies, the best way to get them is by completing blue requests. You can find these blue posters in each area, often close to the Merchant, with the first to shoot blue medallions located in the Farm during chapter one. The requests range from killing tough mini-boss enemies to finding specific items, to shooting rats or blue medallions marked on your map.Once complete, return to the merchant to get your Spinels.

If you select the trade option with the merchant, you can exchange Spinels for treasure, weapons, upgrades, crafting resources, attache cases, and even gold tokens for getting charms. The first gun you can trade for is the shield-penetrating Punisher handgun, and then Matilda later on. As you progress through the game, the selection of items you can trade for expands, so I’d suggest hoarding most of your Spinels, especially as you can buy an exclusive upgrade ticket for 30 Spinels once you get to the castle, which gives you access to a weapon’s best upgrade without needing to tune it fully first.

Though a lot rarer, there are certain enemies that drop Spinels when you defeat them—specifically, some of the knights in the mausoleum and library area of the castle that’s accessible with Leon in chapter ten.

Spinel store item list 

You can get pretty much everything from the Spinel store (Image credit: Capcom)

Since items unlock throughout the game, here’s the full list of what you can trade for with Spinels and how much each item costs so you can decide what you want and save up for when it appears: 

Punisher handgun: five SpinelsVillage treasure map: one SpinelsYellow herb: three SpinelsYellow diamond: three SpinelsLaser sight: ten SpinelsAttache case: Black (increases drop rate of L resources): eight SpinelsRed Beryl: four SpinelsHigh-power scope: seven SpinelsElegant Mask: two SpinelsTMP stock: eight SpinelsGunpowder x10: two SpinelsCastle treasure map: three SpinelsAttache case: Leather (increases drop rate of red herbs): twelve SpinelsExclusive upgrade ticket: thirty SpinelsMatilda handgun: ten SpinelsChalice of Atonement: three SpinelsGunpowder x10: three SpinelsMatilda stock: twelve SpinelsGold token: three SpinelsIsland treasure map: five SpinelsExclusive upgrade ticket: forty SpinelsRed9 stock: nine SpinelsVelvet blue: one Spinel

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