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How to switch your Google Authenticator 2FA to a brand new smartphone

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-thing authentication (2FA) is one of the nice and simplest ways to keep your on line debts at ease. It really works by means of issuing an authentication code for your phone whilst any person attempts to get entry to the account; if that person doesn’t have the code, they (otherwise you) don’t get in. Through using a 2FA app, along with Google Authenticator or Authy, you could prevent any person from getting access to your statistics by means of getting your password. (you can have a code texted to you, but this is taken into consideration a ways much less comfy because of the upward push of so-called SIM hacking.)

there is, of route, a trap. Because 2FA uses a key specific for your smartphone, if you lose or ruin your telephone, you can’t truely reinstall the app in your new cellphone and go on from there. You need to switch the key code for that cellphone as well as the app itself.

different authentication apps take care of this in distinctive methods. In this article, I’m going to have a look at Google Authenticator, such as the perfect way to transfer the app to a brand new smartphone in case you do have get right of entry to to the vintage one, and the way you could prepare for a possible hassle (like a damaged cellphone).

Google Authenticator helps you to set up 2FA via the usage of your phone to test a QR code generated through the app on a separate device or with the aid of coming into a key code. It’s a fantastically easy manner — unless you locate you have to circulate the app to a brand new smartphone.

because 2FA uses protection keys that are precise to every piece of hardware, you can’t virtually reinstall Google Authenticator in your new smartphone and use it to log in. As an alternative, you need to switch the keys for your new app.

the perfect approach, specially if you use 2FA with several apps, is to apply the Authenticator app’s committed transfer function to transport your keys from one telephone to the alternative. However, there are assumptions here: first, that you have get entry to to each the old and new smartphone, and second, that you have Android devices. If either of those assumptions doesn’t paintings in your situation, there are different strategies you may use, which we’ll cover subsequent. However first, the clean method.

transfer your Authenticator keys through Android

if you’ve were given Android phones, you may transfer your money owed to a new telephone by using exporting them thru a QR code generated through the Authenticator app.

  • deploy Google Authenticator in your new cellphone.
  • faucet “Get commenced.”
  • faucet “scan a QR code.” You’ll get a grid and commands to “region QR code inside crimson lines.”
  • Open Google Authenticator to your older cellphone.
  • faucet on the three dots at the pinnacle right of the display screen and select “switch bills”
  • choose “Export bills.” you’ll be asked to verify your identification thru a fingerprint, password, or some other technique.
  • Uncheck which bills you don’t need to export. Tap “next.”
  • You’ll be shown a QR code. Center it in the grid for your new cellphone.
  • You ought to see the imported app now listed for your Google Authenticator app within the new phone. (be aware: the app will now not be deleted out of your vintage cellphone.)

opportunity technique #1: Use your backup codes

whilst you first set up Google Authenticator, you will be given a set of backup codes and asked to print them out or otherwise shop them. And also you surely do need to store them; print them out and positioned them somewhere safe or create a PDF and save it in which nobody else can get right of entry to it. In case your smartphone is going south, those codes may be a terrific way to reestablish authentication in your new smartphone — assuming, of route, you haven’t misplaced the codes.

that is additionally the way to reestablish your keys on a new iPhone.

if you missed that step during the installation, you can get the ones backup codes besides. For that, you have to cross into your Google account and then observe these steps:

  • click on “protection” in the left-hand column.
  • Scroll down to and pick out “2-Step Verification.” You’ll likely must enter your password.
  • Scroll down to “Backup Codes” and click on “display Codes.”

click on on “display Codes” to get your ten backup codes in your Google account.

  • You’ll get a list of 10 codes. Each code can be used as soon as; if you use all of them, you can get extra with the aid of clicking on “display Codes” after which on “Get New Codes.”

opportunity approach #2: Take a screenshot of the barcode

One way to create a backup if you lose your cellphone is to take and keep a screenshot of the barcode that is created for each 2FA-secured app. In case you’ve mislaid your backup codes, but you’ve saved a screenshot of the QR barcode which you at first used to create your app’s authentication, you can use that screenshot to set up your credentials on a new telephone.

simply throw the screenshot up for your pc, install Google Authenticator for your new smartphone, and use the plus sign up the app to test the barcode. (you could additionally enter the setup key code if that’s what you stored.) try this for each of your apps, and also you’ll be prepared.

update October 12th, 2021, eleven:20AM ET: this newsletter changed into at first published on September 2nd, 2020; the directions for moving among Android phones have been updated.

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