In Hive Defender you're the devouring swarm for once
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In Hive Defender you are the devouring swarm for once

by arun809097
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Upcoming indie approach game Hive Defender has a promising premise: You and your friends manage an alien hive from waves of people in actual-time protection, as opposed to attempt to burn it down. Each of the 4 swarms in the destructible, procedurally generated labyrinth is one by one customizable, with each getting their very own lineup of abilities. Aiming for launch in 2022, Hive Defender is the venture of a solo indie developer.

techniques are purported to revolve round not simply how you personalize your hive, but the way you select to have interaction with the terrain. You might installation lanes for enemies to develop down, or pressure them into rooms wherein the forces of two hives can fight simultaneously. 

you could locate Hive Defender on Steam.

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