Intel's new anti-Apple ad is just cringe
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Intel’s new anti-Apple ad is just cringe

by arun809097
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We have high hopes for Intel being headed up by an engineer. You know, less of the marketing nonsense of recent years and more about just getting the hardware right. We’ve got Alder Lake on the way, which is looking promising, and its first discrete graphics card in a long time, Alchemist, will be making an appearance sometime in the new year. There’s also Sapphire Rapids for the big boys in the server rooms. All good stuff.

Which makes its latest anti-Apple advert, called “Breaking the Spell: Social Experiment”, all the more sigh-inducing. I mean it’s just bad. And ill-conceived. And well, you can’t help wondering why someone more senior didn’t step in and tell them to stop being so utterly preposterous. 

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