Intel's 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPUs may continue to support DDR4
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Intel’s Sapphire Rapids HEDT and thirteenth Gen Raptor Lake CPUs may be coming sooner than predicted

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We’ve rarely gotten over the release of Intel’s 12th technology platform, but the rumor mill is already spinning with speculation approximately 13th technology CPUs, codenamed Raptor Lake. It truly is now not all. Well-known leaker @momomo_us has teased a launch date for Intel’s next-generation high stop computer platform. They declare that both Raptor Lake and the Fishhawk Falls HEDT platform can be launched in Q3 of 2022. It is a bit earlier than predicted. 

The momomo_us tweet is a touch cryptic however it does not take tons deduction to expect the fish picture stands for Fishhawk Falls, whilst the dinosaur is code for Raptor Lake.

bear with us while we overload you with codenames. The Fishhawk Falls platform with Sapphire Rapids CPUs is slated to replace the modern Glacier Falls platform, which features Cascade Lake-X CPUs and X299 motherboards. X299 released in mid-2017 so it is lengthy overdue for a replacement.

while regarded in isolation, the high quit 18-center i9-10980XE is a completely powerful CPU, but it pales in assessment to the center counts and features of AMD’s Threadripper range with up to sixty four cores. Fishhawk Falls ought to usher in a strong go back for Intel to the HEDT market after years of AMD dominance. There’s a variety of time to head earlier than we’ll be capable of verify the specifications of the platform, but given what we recognize approximately upcoming Xeon CPUs, it is no longer a leap to assume that the platform will function up to fifty six cores, PCIe 5.0 aid and eight-channel DDR5 reminiscence to go together with a brand new chipset and really big socket. It’s likely to run very hot too.

Raptor Lake is the successor to Alder Lake, and it’s this variety of CPUs which are more likely to find their way into our rigs. 13th Gen CPUs are expected to be more of a refresh than a real overhaul, however it is to be predicted given the big adjustments brought with 12th Gen. You could count on such things as an E middle depend bump and clock speed will increase. The variety is expected to be released alongside Z790 motherboards which may also function things like USB 4.Zero and higher DDR5 help. Do not sell that DDR4 kit even though. It’s looking like present day Z690 motherboards will take delivery of thirteenth Gen processors after a BIOS replace, and they will keep to assist DDR4 reminiscence.

by the time Q3 of 2022 rolls around, let’s hope that deliver is nicely at the manner to being lower back to normal. The again end of 2022 can be a amazing time to upgrade. 13th Gen processors could be combating towards AMD’s Zen four. Additionally, allow’s no longer overlook next generation Nvidia Ada Lovelace and RDNA 3 GPUs. Start saving those pennies! Even though if you are looking an improve now, the Black Friday income are drawing near, so do take a look at out our Black Friday offers web page in case you’re after a holiday good deal.

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